Major Side Effects of Coronavirus on Mental Health

Coronavirus mental health

Coronavirus pandemic has been spread all over the world in very little time. People are dying due to this pandemic daily. No matter the organizations are closed for a limited time and therefore there is less chance of getting infected by the virus but the news channels telling about the death ratio and the people getting affected by this disease on daily basis and almost for the whole day is leading to mental health problems of the people. It was told by the doctors at the start that people need to keep themselves relaxed and calm. Every single individual around the world needs to be hale and hearty. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the mental health of the people around the world in many ways some are as follows:

One Major Side Effect of Coronavirus on Mental Health is Anxiety:

The first and foremost thing that is affecting mental health because of coronavirus is anxiety. There are many types of anxiety in the world. However, a kind of anxiety that brings fear and terror to the mind of the patient and this fear stays for a much longer period. Many people across the world are suffering from this type of anxiety. In times of Coronavirus, these people are more likely to get terrifying thoughts of death every moment and for calming themselves they might take different medicines. These medicines can be harmful.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder:

Many people in the world are suffering from OCD. One type of OCD is associated with cleaning. This OCD might not trigger in normal life. But in this pandemic coronavirus outbreak, such people get irritating and problem makers, not for the others but also for themselves. For instance, in these crucial times people are being told to wash their hands from time to time and also keep the things, handles, door disinfected. The people suffering from OCD would keep on washing their hands for more than 20 seconds to get rid of the virus. Moreover, they would be disinfecting and cleaning the house after every hour or two this creates problems living with them and also would affect the health of the person.

Depression caused by Coronavirus

Depression is another thing affecting people’s mental health during coronavirus outbreak all over the world. People are asked to stay in their houses in isolation. People with a history of depression can get sick in such conditions. As they won’t be able to socialize, interact with people and have to stay at home. They might get hopeless and stop taking care of their health. This hopelessness can also trigger suicidal thoughts in their minds.


In these crucial times of coronavirus outbreak, where people are forced to stay at their homes and maintain self-isolation. They should not get hopeless. Everyone should think of ways of coming over the ailments for keeping their mental health in a good state. People should spend time with family. Talk to friends over the phone. Moreover, people can redecorate their houses or plant the trees and try to keep themselves away from binge-watching news. As this can help them to fight the stress-causing thoughts and stay healthy.

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