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Counter-Strike 2 players face major FPS drops and sub-tick issue due to decals

Counter-Strike 2 players face major FPS drops and sub-tick issue due to decals
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Counter-Strike 2 players are noticing a significant FPS drop in the game as well as a sub-tick issue caused by blood and bullet decals. This problem has led to an unfair playing field, with players complaining that those with faster PCs have an advantage because of these performance issues.

Counter-Strike 2 players report major FPS drops and sub-tick issue due to blood and bullet decals

Valve’s sequel to the legendary online FPS, Counter-Strike 2, is working hard to emerge from the enormous shadow of its predecessor. Although the game has made significant improvements in many areas, it also has its own flaws.

The game’s significant improvements in visuals and performance have led to higher hardware demands. Recently reported issues with decals have highlighted the game’s increasing hardware requirements.

Many players have noticed FPS drops when low health indicators and bullet damage decals appear. After thorough testing, players have found that these effects put extra strain on their devices, causing performance issues.

This issue is common even in Death Match servers. With numerous reports coming in, some veteran players have suggested potential workarounds that might offer temporary relief.

In CS, sub-tick movement means that players’ in-game movements are timestamped as soon as they press a movement key. However, the actual movement on the server can only start on a server tick, which happens every 16 milliseconds (64 ticks per second).

This creates a random and inconsistent 0-16 millisecond delay between a player’s action and the server’s response, potentially leading to issues with movement and bullet registration.

Workarounds to fix the issue

For FPS drops issue, use these workarounds:

  1. Use the “clear_decals” command: This command removes all decals from the game, potentially improving FPS. To use it, open the console and type “bind [key] clear_decals,” replacing [key] with the key you want to use to activate the command. Pressing the designated key will remove all decals from the game.
  2. Lower graphics settings: Reducing graphics settings, such as texture quality, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing, can generally improve FPS.
  3. Verify game files: To ensure there are no corrupted files causing the issue, verify the game files on Steam. Right-click on CS in your Steam library, go to Properties, then the Local files tab, and click Verify integrity of game files.

To address the sub-tick issue, Valve introduced sub-tick updates in Counter-Strike 2. This allows the server to calculate each player’s precise actions between ticks, enhancing the game’s responsiveness and fluidity.

One of the developers, John McDonald, acknowledged the jump and bump problem. He mentioned that it can be resolved, but doing so might reduce FPS.

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