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American doctors investigating if COVID is to blame for ‘unusual’ rise in cancer after pandemic

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A group of concerned US doctors and scientists are looking into whether COVID is causing a spike in rare and deadly cancer cases that have appeared since the pandemic.

These medical experts decided to work together on research and share their findings after seeing convincing evidence in their own patients. It suggests a connection between COVID and cancer, according to the Washington Post.

Exploring the link between the Covid spike and cancer cases

Since the pandemic began, there has been a rise in aggressive cancers, according to NY Post. Some medical experts attribute this to healthcare disruptions, such as hospitals turning away cancer patients and delayed diagnoses due to fear of the virus.

However, US-based doctors are urging the federal government to prioritize this research. The findings could impact cancer treatment and disease management for decades.

“We are completely under-investigating this virus,” said Douglas C. Wallace, a geneticist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

During the initial wave of the coronavirus in the United States, public health officials predicted a rise in cancer cases. A paper in The Lancet Oncology analyzed a national registry and found increases in Stage 4 cancer — the most severe stage — across many types of cancer in late 2020. Large institutions like Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute and UC San Diego Health have also released data showing ongoing increases in late-stage cancers.

“I’ve been in practice for 23 years and have never seen anything like this,” said Kashyap Patel, an oncologist in South Carolina and CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates, about the spike in cancer cases he’s observed after COVID.

Patel is advocating for a national registry to study these trends and has already gathered data from dozens of his own patients. It indicates a possible link between unusual cancers and long COVID.

Data from 47 Western countries shows mortality has “remained high” since 2020

Meanwhile, other studies are examining the gene profiles of cancer patients who died from COVID, as well as investigating if the virus can reactivate dormant cancer cells in mice.

This research follows a new study that suggests COVID vaccines might partly explain the rise in “unprecedented” excess deaths in the US and other Western countries over the past three years.

Scientists from the Netherlands’ Vrije Universiteit analyzed mortality data from 47 Western countries. And found that excess mortality has “remained high” since 2020, even with the widespread rollout of COVID vaccines and various containment measures.

The researchers expressed “serious concerns” about the spike in cancer cases after COVID. They urged government leaders and policymakers to “thoroughly investigate the underlying causes of persistent excess mortality,” according to the study published in BMJ Public Health.

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