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Danish police say drones spotted near North Sea gas fields

Crimea hit by 'drone attack': Moscow-installed authorities
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Danish police said Tuesday that they had received reports of unauthorised drone flights near North Sea gas fields.

The flights follow similar incidents off the Norwegian coast and come a week after the suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

“Over the course of the weekend we had reports of drones in the North Sea,” a Danish police spokesman told AFP.

According to the specialist publication Danish Offshore Industry, the drones sightings were made near the Roar gas field, located more than 200 kilometres (125 miles) off Denmark’s western coast and which is operated by French energy group TotalEnergies.

It is the second time in a week such incidents have been reported.

Last Thursday, the daily Ekstra Bladet reported unauthorised drone flights had been spotted above the Halfdan B gas field, which is also operated by TotalEnergies.

The French energy firm referred enquiries about unauthorised drone flights to Danish authorities.

“As regards observations of unauthorised drone activity around our installations in the North Sea, TotalEnergies refer to the Danish authorities whom we will report any potential sightings to,” the firm said.

“We have taken the necessary steps as per our security procedures and are in dialogue with police, military and the Danish Energy Agency,” it added.

Denmark raised security around energy facilities following the suspected sabotage of the gas pipelines linking Russia with Germany.

Norway, which is the largest natural gas supplier to Europe after Russia cut off most gas deliveries in the wake of its invasion in Ukraine, considers its energy facilities as potential targets following sightings of unauthorised drones.

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