Drone hits residential building in Russian city of Voronezh: governor

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A drone hit a residential building in Russia’s southern city of Voronezh Friday injuring two people, the local governor said.

Drone attacks have hit Russian cities — including Moscow — often in recent months as Kyiv says it is preparing for a major counteroffensive.

It is the first such incident in Voronezh, a city of around one million people, which lies in the next region deeper into Russia than Belgorod — which has been heavily shelled by Ukraine.

“A drone fell on Belinsky Street in Voronezh,” the governor of the region, Alexander Gusev, said on Telegram.

He added that at least two people were injured in the attack, some 200 kilometres (124 miles) from the Ukraine border.

Belinsky Street is in the centre of the city, near Voronezh State University.

Russian state media showed images of a building that had some shattered windows and part of its wall was blackened, where the drone had apparently hit.

Gusev said Russia’s FSB security service and emergency services were working near the building and promised help for residents.

Drone attacks have hit Russian cities throughout Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine but have in recent months intensified.

The Belgorod region, which borders the Voronezh region, has been heavily shelled this month, forcing thousands of people from border towns to flee.

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