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Elon Musk: Solar-powered civilisation is the future

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has stated that in the future, civilisation will be primarily powered by solar energy.

Musk stated in a tweet that the Sun provides nearly all of the energy on Earth.

“We would be a dark iceball at near absolute zero if not for the Sun. And essentially the entire ecosystem is solar-powered,” he mentioned.

“Civilisation uses a tiny amount of energy by comparison. Not hard to generate from wind/solar,” he added.

Musk believes in solar energy and runs the Tesla Solar vertical, which provides rooftop panels as well as energy storage solutions.

In the second quarter of 2022, Tesla’s solar business deployed a total of 106 megawatts.

“Although we continue to experience import delays beyond our control on certain solar components, we have expanded our supplier base to enable growth in this business,” said the company.

Tesla increased solar deployments by 25% compared to the same quarter last year.

Tesla purchased SolarCity in 2016, and in April of this year, a US judge sided with Musk in a massive lawsuit brought by Tesla shareholders accusing Musk of coercing the electric vehicle company’s board into purchasing SolarCity, which was founded in 2006 by Musk’s cousins.

Tesla solar panels are engineered to be highly efficient, producing maximum solar output year after year, even on roofs with complex angles.

Tesla Energy’s ‘Powerwall’ home storage solution is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary home energy storage product that stores electricity for solar self-consumption.

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