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Elon Musk speaks out against vaccine mandates

Elon Musk replaced by John Kerry on APEC CEO Summit program
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In a tweet shared on Tuesday, Elon Musk, CEO and owner of Tesla and SpaceX, expressed his strong stance against vaccine mandates. He stated that he would prefer going to prison than terminating employees who chose not to get vaccinated.

Elon Musk discusses COVID-19 experience and vaccine mandates

Musk also shared his personal experience with COVID-19 and the vaccine. He claimed that had got “Covid before the vaccine was out (mild cold symptoms) and had to get three vaccines for travel.” Musk added that the third shot almost sent him to hospital.

Elon Musk recently posted a video on X that featured snippets from various news sources discussing COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness. The video began by highlighting early claims that vaccines were 100% effective at preventing the virus. It then went on to show reports indicating decreasing effectiveness, with percentages dropping from 90% to 80% to 70%. Eventually, the video hinted at news stories suggesting that the vaccines might not be as effective as initially thought.

Political Journalist Ed Krassenstein replied to the video: “I think efficacy changes are a result of new strains and the vaccine immunity wearing off. It’s stupid anyone ever claimed it was 100% effective. No vaccine is 100% full-proof.”

The Tesla CEO added to the thread: “My concern was more the outrageous demand that people must take the vaccine and multiple boosters to do anything at all. That was messed up.” Before the Supreme Court ruled against President Biden’s executive order, SpaceX and numerous other companies would have been obligated to terminate employees who chose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, he said.

Elon Musk’s inquiries into vaccine side effects and alternative treatments

Musk questioned, “How many other people out there have symptoms that are actually from the vaccine or Covid treatment, rather than Covid itself?”

Regarding those who chose not to get vaccinated, he pointed out that tennis player Novak Djokovic recently achieved a record number of Grand Slam wins.

Musk clarified his stance, stating that he does believe in vaccines. However, the potential side effects should not be underestimated, and open discussions about their effectiveness should be encouraged.

He also highlighted the promising use of synthetic mRNA in treating various diseases and urged caution not to discard valuable opportunities along with potential drawbacks.

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