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Elon Musk starts improved customer service for premium users of X

improved customer service x premium
Image: X Corp.

On Monday, Elon Musk announced that premium verified users now have the option to directly message (DM) the platform for assistance. It was noted in other posts that the response times from X customer service representatives may vary.

X News Daily reported, “Verified users can now DM the @Premium account for support.” They also added, “Response times will vary but we’ve seen examples of users getting responses from agents in under 10 minutes.”

In response, Musk simply stated, “Improved customer service.” A user who is part of the premium service expressed their approval of this development, commenting, “This is a super good news, @elonmusk. Under the previous team of #Twitter, I was expecting such a service so many times.”

However, X News Daily later mentioned that, to be fair, some users have experienced much longer response times from X customer service.


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