Here’s Why Simpsons Prediction For Donald Trump’s COVID-19 And Death Is Fake News

Trump Simpsons Prediction Coffin

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced via his Twitter account that he and his wife, the First Lady of the United States have tested positive for COVID-19. Right after Trump’s COVID-19 news, a photo of the Simpsons character lying in a coffin started trending on social media. Many internet users after seeing the photo started searching for the terms “Simpsons prediction” for Donald Trump’s ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Death’.

The viral photo and Simpsons’ prediction for Donald Trump

Is the ‘Trump-Simpsons viral photo’ of coffin real?

The answer is, NO.

The coffin photo is fake. Trump did not die nor does any episode of Simpsons show his funeral. Therefore, the picture going viral on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks is not taken from any episode of The Simpsons and is instead photoshopped.

However, this isn’t the first time that the Trump-Simpsons character photo has gone viral online. A few months back, the internet was filled with posts of a fake theory that ‘The Simpsons’ had predicted that Donald Trump would die on August 27. Even at that time, the same fake photo of ‘Trump lying in a coffin’ went viral on the internet.

Despite not knowing its origin, many users on social media posted the viral image of ‘Trump lying in a coffin’. However, some fans of the Simpsons show shared the news that the popular cartoon series had never shown any episode predicting Trump’s death.

According to fact-checking site Snopes, The Trump-Simpsons viral photo first appeared on the 4chan’s website back in February 2017.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to a fake photo showing Trump lying in a coffin

One user tweeted, “Trump tested positive for Covid-19 and I am pretty sure the Simpson’s have never lied “TrumpHasCovid.”

Another one said, “If Trump die from COVID then the Simpson’s really are time traveler”

One more user with the viral photo added in a tweet said, “If Trump got the virus that means we on track to the Simpson’s doing it again.”

Twitter user @TiciaTheDiva wrote, “When does the Simpson’s prediction about Trump’s death suppose to come into fruition, did they give us a day, time and year?”

After Trump’s COVID-19 announcement, not just Simpsons predictions but other conspiracy theories also started appearing on Twitter and Facebook. “Trump Is ‘Faking COVID-19’ Positive” is one of the theories that emerged over social media. A bunch of Conspiracy Theorists on internet claimed that Trump is “faking” the positive coronavirus diagnosis to escape the upcoming debates with Joe Biden and to gain sympathy.

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