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FBI, DOJ accused of downplaying negative info about Hunter Biden – report

According to Chuck Grassley, information received by whistleblowers accuses the FBI and the DOJ of burying Hunter Biden’s dirt, CBS News reported.

The top Republican of the Senate Judiciary Committee asked the FBI and the DOJ to provide explanations as to why important details of President Biden’s son’s troubles were suppressed as ‘disinformation’.

In an official senate letter, Grassley insists on the urgency of these allegations and claims these two institutions as “corrupted to the core”. The letter details a claim about the FBI’s probe into Hunter Biden’s criminal financial and related activity in the year 2020 which was conveniently suppressed as mere disinformation.

Grassley does not hesitate to point fingers at the FBI HQ’s involvement in the suppression of these details in the letter. He reminds FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland of their obligation to these accusations and seriously finds a solution to this matter urgently.

The whistleblowers are believed to be highly credible as per the letter. They must come from a very trusted source for the senator to send a letter in response to such allegations against the top institutions of justice. Grassley presses that he got concerned when he received the news that the FBI was able to provide a “false portrayal of acquired evidence as disinformation”.

Grassley also backs up his claims with the information provided by the whistleblowers against strong indications of corruption by the institutions from 2020 in the Hunter Biden case. He claims that the FBI HQ was in communication with the FBI agents who were directly dealing with Hunter Biden’s case. Grassley points out that the agents’ findings were kept in a closed access file which raises more concerns regarding the misactions of the institute. This prevented in particular oversight of the agents’ findings and left room for “improper influence”.

The top Republican insists that there is a large volume of evidence that supports the whistleblowers’ information. Due to this reason, a letter had to be written to bring this to notice so that the authorities and fix this as soon as possible.

The whistleblowers’ information also reveals that the action of calling Hunter Biden’s probe ‘disinformation’ continued till October 2020 which was only one month before the election.

Grassley has given the DOJ and the FBI a deadline by which they have to provide their explanations as well as all information on the Hunter Biden case. Both the institutions confirm receiving the letter but reportedly they have no comments so far.

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