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Footage reveals Britain’s DragonFire laser weapon, that can destroy drones and hypersonic missiles instantly at £10 per shot

Footage reveals Britain's DragonFire laser weapon, that can destroy drones and hypersonic missiles instantly at £10 per shot
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A super powerful laser weapon that can zap drones and super-fast nuclear missiles has been shown to the public in recently released videos, Dailymail reported.

The footage demonstrates the UK’s first test firing of the Dragonfire laser weapon, where it effectively took down a drone in the sky using its powerful laser beam.

Secret trials at MOD’s Hebrides Range, footage shows DragonFire laser fires full-power 50kW beam for the first time

During these secret tests at the Ministry of Defence’s Hebrides Range, the weapon showed incredible accuracy. According to Dailmail’s report, the weapon is capable of hitting a small coin from a long distance, with each shot costing about £10.

The complete distance it can reach is still kept secret, but the invisible 50kW beam can slice through targets with pinpoint precision without needing any bullets.

Military leaders claim this weapons system will completely change the future battlefield. It might eventually be utilized to wipe out fighter jets, warships, and hypersonic missiles.

The MOD said: “DragonFire is an advanced military laser, being developed by Dstl and GB industry. The laser-directed energy weapon engages targets at the speed of light, using an intense beam of energy to cut through objects, leading to structural failure.”

Dstl, the MOD’s science arm, added: “A newly declassified video shows the power of our DragonFire laser in action. This technology is the result of joint working with world-class industry partners.”

UK scientists collaborate to develop revolutionary weapon system with potential to transform modern warfare

Developed by UK scientists, this weapon system is the result of a £100 million collaboration between the Government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and industry partners like Leonardo and Qinetiq.

The technology holds the potential to someday sink boats, inflict damage on warships, take down military aircraft, and even counter the threat of rapid Russian hypersonic missiles, capable of reaching from Moscow to London in just nine minutes.

Although the tests have been celebrated as successful, there’s uncertainty regarding when DragonFire might be put into active service. Due to its energy requirements, it’s anticipated to be installed on Royal Navy warships or utilized as permanent air defense platforms on land. Additionally, there are plans to equip it onto armored vehicles for the British Army.


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