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France grounds plane carrying over 300 Indians for ‘human trafficking’

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A Nicaragua-bound plane carrying more than 300 Indian passengers has been grounded in France over suspected “human trafficking”, authorities said Friday.

The aircraft carrying passengers “likely to be victims of human trafficking” was detained on Thursday after an anonymous tipoff, the Paris public prosecutor’s office told AFP.

The plane had taken off from the United Arab Emirates.

The national anti-organised crime unit JUNALCO has taken over the investigation, prosecutors said.

The prefecture in the northeastern department of Marne said the A340, operated by Romanian company Legend Airlines, “remained grounded on the tarmac at Vatry airport following its landing”.

The plane had been due to refuel and was carrying 303 Indian nationals, it said.

According to a source familiar with the case, the Indian passengers might have planned to travel to Central America in order to attempt illegal entry into the United States or Canada.

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