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Google Assistant stuck in dark mode after Android 13 update 

Update The Google App To Use Your Assistant Error

Multiple reports of Google Assistant getting stuck in dark mode have appeared after the Android 13 update. The issue persists for Google Pixel users even when they have enabled the light theme on their devices. 

Google Assistant is a voice assistant similar to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. It is available on several Google devices such as Android smartphones, Android TV, and Google Nest.

Reports of Google Assistant stuck in dark mode after Android 13 even in light theme mode

Users are frustrated with Google Assistant automatically switching to dark mode even when the light theme is selected. Some users took it to social media to express their annoyance over this strange glitch.

“For the past month, maybe more, I’ve noticed that my Google Assistant is always black as if it’s in dark mode. Is this a feature or a bug?” a user posted on Reddit.

The latest Android 13 update has brought along a myriad of issues for Google phones and other devices.

However, the issue with Google Assistant switching to dark mode is not exactly new. It was present during the beta testing stage. And it has now continued after the latest software update.

“Yeah, I noticed that since last week on my S22 Ultra on Android 13 beta, I first thought it was the beta, but then I saw it on the Pixel as well,” a user tweeted.

:Anyone else’s Google Assistant just randomly turn dark on Android 13? Mine did today, and flipping dark mode or battery saver doesn’t help. Is this the new look for some reason or a bug?” another user tweeted.

Google’s official response

The issue was forwarded to the development team during the initial testing, but as per reports, it seems it wasn’t fixed in the stable release.

Google acknowledged the issue on Friday and said that they are investigating the issue of Google Assistant getting stuck on dark mode.

“Hi Artem. Thanks for your feedback. We’ve asked our product team to look at this and will get back to you with more information as soon as we have it. Stay tuned!” they replied to a tweet.

However, no ETA has been provided by Google so users will have to wait for now.


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