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Google Search Will Now Tip You When There Are No Great Matches

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A new feature has just been introduced to Google search. It comes in the form of a message that prompts you when the search results aren’t great for you. The report says: Google has added a new feature to search, that’ll prompt users to know when the search results aren’t great matches for them.

So, What Does Google Search Great Matches Feature Look Like?

Google’s new feature comes in the form of a signal, telling you that there aren’t great matches for your search phrase. Here is how the message reads before offering you helpful suggestions:

“It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search,”

So, the question is who gets to see this new tip?

When Does This Feature Show Up

While the feature is a great development from Google, it’s not entirely a new one. That’s because Google always tells users when there are no results. However, judging that the internet is getting bigger, it’s rare to see no results on SERP, except for Googlewhack words that result in a single search result. Apart from that, Google also offers you recommendations when you type in the wrong keyphrase and spelling to help to reduce bad searches.

So, it’s only in rare cases that you get to see this new feature on your screen. The idea isn’t for everybody to see it, but to help Google provide great matches with the search results.

Late last year, Google tested something pretty close to this new feature. However, instead of telling you: “It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search,” it said another thing entirely. It was more like Google was testing the effectiveness of the feature.

Here’s what the Google brought out as recommendation having searched “Eclexia”:

Tip: Try using words that might appear on the page you’re searching for. For example, “cake recipes” instead of “how to make a cake.”

Google search great matches feature

Does this feature have any effect on COVID-19 related searches?

The new Google feature is likely going to help in providing great matches while users search for COVID-19 related phrases. With the rate at which information on coronavirus is changing fast, search results may not be available. That happened when Google extended the question hub to the US. So, this great feature will also help to bring better suggestions and matches to Google users in search of Coronavirus related information.


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