How to make the most of an event as a small business

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If you’re the owner of a start-up, you’ll know all too well that one of the biggest challenges is getting your name out into the wider market. With that in mind, one of the most useful things a start-up or small business owner can do is attend as many industry events, festivals and conventions as possible.

Large-scale events are a brilliant opportunity to network, meet and learn from the bigger fish in your market, develop new business connections and, most importantly, advertise your brand and your product.

However, much of how fruitful an event will be for your business will come down to how you approach it, so here are four ways to make the most of every occasion.

Make sure your branding, product and message are on point

The main purpose of taking your business to an event is to enhance your name and generate new connections at both the professional and customer level. To achieve that, you need to create the right impression straight off the bat. So if you are running a small construction company, make sure that your construction company logo and product or service presentation will be something that people will remember.

Turning up on your own with a table and chair won’t do the job. You need to have the appropriate branding to let people know who you are from the off, a well-packaged product to get people’s attention, and a clear message to deliver to those who want to get to know your company more.

Stock up on business cards

Part of delivering that branding and message can come in the form of a calling card. It might seem like business cards are a little less relevant than they used to be in some areas of business, but rest assured they make a fine accessory in any sort of large-scale networking event where you’re meeting a lot of people at one time.

Deliver your message, promote the brand, then leave a palpable lasting impression with your business card.

Bring your team

Go it alone at one of these events and you’ll find it hard to promote your business as you’d like or get the reach you could.

Instead, take a few colleagues or friends with you to help on the day. If, for example, you have a few of your people walking the floor and handing out some tailored leaflets or flyers, you’ll be able to bring people to your stand that otherwise wouldn’t have come across it.

Even from a practical standpoint, the more people there are to help you set up and pack away, the better.

Offer freebies

Last, but certainly not least, get the freebies ready to go. People at networking events love – and even expect – a freebie here and there. And just like a business card, they’re a great way to leave visitors with a physical reminder of your brand. They’re also a great way to give potential customers a better insight into your product, which should help you separate yourself from other brands.

When it comes to attending networking and sales events as a small business or start-up, they tend to be very much what you make of them. If you go unprepared, don’t expect to see much benefit from your visit. However, go prepared, with clear branding and delivery, and you’ll find events to be a potentially highly productive venture.


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