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Internet slow? You’re not alone, issue reported in multiple countries

Internet slow Pakistan
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Pakistan, Somalia, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia are among the countries facing slow internet today. Experts say a submarine cable outage is impacting the internet connectivity in several nations.

Internet slow in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries

“AAE-1 submarine cable outage impacting Internet connectivity in numerous countries in East Africa, Middle East and S. Asia,” said Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at a network observability company Kentic.

According to Madory, “Pakistan, Somalia, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia are among the affected countries.”

NetBlocks also observed internet disruption and outage in parts of Asia and Africa. The company said following in a tweet:

“Confirmed: Real-time network data show disruptions to internet connectivity in multiple countries, with high impact observed in parts of Asia and Africa; the outages are consistent with a disruption to international transits; incident ongoing.”

One of the internet service providers in Pakistan shared this alert with the users:

“This is to inform you that we are experiencing Slow speed/Service degradation issue from upstream provider. We are in coordination with upstream provider, we will further update you as received.”

Another ISP said:

“It is apprised that Some of our Upstream links are under outage as there is a dual cut in AAE-1 in Egypt. Customer may face service degradation on some destinations including WhatsApp and FB. Will keep you updated further on it accordingly.”

Reports of internet disruption on social media


As connectivity continues to be a cornerstone of modern society, the presence of dependable internet providers becomes increasingly vital to support global communication and innovation. 


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