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iPhone 14 Pro users report cellular connection issues on Verizon

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Source: Apple

iPhone 14 Pro users are experiencing cellular connection issues on the Verizon network.

iPhone 14 Pro signals and call dropping among other cellular connection issues

Multiple iPhone 14 Pro users have complained that their phone’s signals or calls drop frequently on the Verizon network. The issue persists in areas with good reception and 5G coverage.

“I think it is something with the new iPhones. My signal is usually 1 to 2 bars at home with a 14 pro, but my brother is on my plan with an iPhone 13 and when he’s over he has all 4 bars. His 13 also gets much better speeds on 5G than I do currently,” a user posted.

Some users claim the connectivity issues are the result of the new eSim, others believe it could be the upgraded Snapdragon X65 modem. Most connectictivity reports are currently from iPhone 14 Pro Max users.

According to users, signals or call dropping happens when the 5G is turned on. They also happen when the device is not in use. Moreover, users experience poor 5G connectivity with slow speed or 5G not working at all.

“All seemed well until I noticed my phone is not connecting to 5g in a known Verizon 5g area,” a Redditor posted.

“Cellular data especially on 5G UW (mmWave) is unusable with under 1Mbps download even when on the Mag Mile on Michigan Avenue,” another posted.

The 5G UW (Ultra-Wideband) comprises of Verizon’s high-band and mid-band cellular networks that provide higher speeds than regular 5G. Although they offer a smaller coverage area.

Poor 5G connectivity and no official acknowledgement

If a user is in close proximity to a 5G UW tower with a compatible device, they will notice a ‘UW’ icon right next to the ‘5G’ icon. But, several iPhone 14 Pro Max users are not able to connect to 5G UW.

Some frustrated users even reported slow 5G upload and download speeds on their smartphones.

Users have resorted to troubleshooting steps such as resetting network settings, restarting and resetting their phone. However, nothing has fixed the issue for them. There are also no workarounds currently.

Neither Apple nor Verizon have officially acknowledged the connectivity issues on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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