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iPhone 17 rumors: what to expect

iPhone 17 rumors
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Curious about what lies beyond the iPhone 16? Here’s a glimpse into the future with some anticipated features of the iPhone 17 series, alongside the latest iPhone 17 rumors.

iPhone 17 rumors about potential features

Whether you’re an avid Apple fan or just keeping an eye on the latest tech trends, these rumored features are sure to get your interest. So, let’s see what the iPhone 17 might have in store for us! We’ll get our hands on the version which is planned for┬árelease in September 2025.

Scratch Resistant Anti-Reflective Display

According to a rumor, the iPhone 17 will come with an anti-reflective screen that is more scratch-resistant compared to the Ceramic Shield on iPhone 15 models. This rumor suggests that the outer glass of the iPhone 17 might have an extra tough layer that’s highly resistant to scratches. Although it’s uncertain if Apple will use Gorilla Glass Armor like Samsung does for its Galaxy S24 Ultra, the features described align closely with Corning’s latest technology.

Source: 9to5mac

Under-Display Face ID

The new iPhone 17 Pro is expected to be the first to have Face ID hidden under the display. You might notice a small circle on the screen for the front camera, but that’s about it. This could be the last time Apple uses this kind of circle for the camera on its high-end phones. In the future, they’re planning to put the camera under the screen for a completely smooth look on the front.

iPhone 17 rumors: what to expect
Source: Macrumors

Apple-Designed Wi-Fi 7 Chip

In 2025, Apple’s top-tier models are anticipated to come with an in-house designed Wi-Fi 7 chip for the very first time. This advancement means that the “Pro” models could access data across the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands concurrently when used with a compatible router. This leads to quicker Wi-Fi speeds, reduced delays, and enhanced connection stability. Moreover, by integrating this Wi-Fi chip, Apple could decrease its reliance on external providers such as Broadcom, which currently furnishes Apple with a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip for iPhones.

Source: Macrumors

iPhone 17 rumors include 24MP Selfie Camera

There’s a rumor that the iPhone 17 lineup will have a front camera with 24 megapixels and a six-piece lens. Previous models like the iPhone 14 and 15 had a 12-megapixel front camera with five plastic lens pieces, and the iPhone 16 is likely to have the same setup. With the iPhone 17, having a 24-megapixel camera means photos will stay clear even if you zoom in, and it’ll capture more details. Also, the shift to a six-piece lens might make the pictures a bit better.

iPhone 17 rumors: what to expect
Source: Techradar

48MP Telephoto Lens

The biggest premium iPhone is expected to have an improved 48-megapixel Telephoto lens. It’s likely designed to work well with Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, set to release on February 2, 2024. Currently, the iPhone 15 Pro models have a 48-megapixel main lens, along with 12-megapixel ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. If this upgrade happens, the 2025 “Pro Max” would be the first iPhone with all 48-megapixel lenses at the back, allowing for even more detailed photos.

iPhone 17 rumors include taller devices

Rumors suggest that this year’s iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will have bigger screens. The current sizes of 6.12 inches and 6.69 inches might increase to 6.27 inches and 6.86 inches, respectively. Looking ahead to the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus in 2025, Apple is likely to introduce these larger screen sizes to its standard iPhone models as well. This means that all iPhone 17 models will probably have a taller aspect ratio of 19.6:9, making them a bit taller rather than wider.

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