Iraq condemns Iran strikes as ‘attack on its sovereignty’

US strikes which targeted sites used by Iranian-backed groups in Iraq early Wednesday are "contributing to a reckless escalation", a spokesman for Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani said. "This unacceptable act undermines years of cooperation, blatantly violates Iraq's sovereignty and contributes to a reckless escalation... at a time when the region is already grappling with the danger of expanding conflict," said Sudani's spokesman for military affairs Yehia Rasool.
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Iraq condemned as an “attack on its sovereignty” Tuesday missile strikes by neighbouring Iran targeting anti-Tehran groups and an alleged Israeli “spy headquarters” in its autonomous Kurdish region.

Iraqi authorities “will take all legal steps” necessary, including “lodging a complaint with the (UN) Security Council”, the foreign ministry said in statement.

They will also publish the findings of an investigation into the strikes, to prove to “Iraqi and international public opinion the falseness of the allegations made by those responsible for these reprehensible actions.”


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