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Is ChatGPT ‘Browse with Bing’ feature working or not?

Is ChatGPT 'Browse with Bing' feature working or not?
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A lot of people are wondering whether ChatGPT ‘Browse with Bing’ feature is working or not. Unfortunately, the feature was available for a limited period and has now been disabled.

ChatGPT’s ‘Browse with Bing’ functionality seamlessly incorporates Microsoft’s Bing search engine into the conversation, allowing the model to retrieve and display relevant information sourced from the internet.

By using this feature, users can effortlessly access current information without the need to exit the chat interface. Also, it effectively connects artificial intelligence with the vast resources available on the web.

Reports of ChatGPT users frustrated over ‘Browse with Bing’ feature working or not

Initially, the ‘Browse with Bing’ feature was exclusively available to Plus subscribers, who were thrilled to have this extra capability included in their subscription.

It delivered a smooth and hassle-free experience, serving as a convenient addition that elevated overall user satisfaction.

Regrettably, recent advancements have resulted in users feeling disheartened and discontented. Instead of enjoying the benefits of the ‘Browse with Bing’ feature, users are now confronted with an error message stating, ‘Unusual traffic in your account’.

This unanticipated obstacle has generated confusion and annoyance among individuals who were eagerly anticipating the new feature.

“We are not happy about this, this should not be in Beta stages. What were your testers doing in the Alpha stages? You need to improve a lot and even plugin submissions are a mess it takes more time than 1 week for no reason. No fixed rules for all users,” a user tweeted.

To add to the problem, people who paid for this feature are now asking for their money back. They think that since they paid for something that they can’t use anymore, they should get their money back as compensation.

Issue acknowledged by OpenAI

OpenAI’s customer support has explained that the ‘Browse with Bing’ feature is currently not working because of some technical problems.

The company has recognized that sometimes the feature showed content that was not suitable or intended, which is why they have temporarily stopped it from working.

The OpenAI team is actively addressing these problems and plans to bring back the feature once it meets the expected standards, but no specific timeline has been given.

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