IT Education: Higher Ed or Part-Time Courses?

An organization can’t operate and manage a business without modern technology. As we live in a digital age we are in constant need of modern devices that simplify our lives. But among just normal customers there always will be people who enjoy keeping up with the latest advances in the broad. Some like to be aware of the process of the creation of a product and its details.

That’s why nowadays more and more students want to work in the IT field after graduation. But sometimes they are so into studying technology that they forget about other assignments like writing essays. Thus, many students put off this task and then think to themselves “I definitely need Essaypro to write my paper for me otherwise I will have to pull an all-nighter”.

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What Is Information Technology?

Information technology – IT for short, is the use of any computer, networking devices, etc to manage specific actions with all forms of electronic data. Basically, you can create information, then store and process it, share with other users or companies, and secure it.

Here is a list of the reasons why you should consider studying IT:

  • You can choose from different career paths (computer programmer or analyst, an information security analyst or architect, a web developer, etc.)
  • As a qualified specialist, you will be in high demand, thus finding a job will not be a problem.
  • In the future, you will earn good money and opt for a career with growth potential.
  • You will be encouraged to never stop learning and developing yourself. Hence you will explore the hidden potential and your creative side.
  • You can use IT as entertainment in order to refresh yourself from the overwhelming process of studying. Thus, you will never get bored or burn out.

People are eager to gain as much information and knowledge as possible. The way out can be studying different subjects, like math, science, technology, etc. at the same time. But to become a professional IT specialist you must have a degree or is it enough to finish IT courses? Let’s compare!
Scope and Quality of Knowledge

University gives its students fundamental knowledge while part-time courses give practical skills that are in demand. At university, you might study several disciplines that are not directly related to your future profession. It means that you will not have a full focus on IT.

You might ask “How can philosophy be useful for a programmer?”. Well, it will not be superfluous to broaden your horizons. The more you know, the better.

When you enroll in part-time courses, you will basically grind away the studies you need for a particular profession. But it is difficult to compare the quality of knowledge you gain at the university and while taking courses. In general, it depends on the field of study, the program itself, and the university/part-time courses.

However, in most cases, courses are much better as the programs are easier and adaptable to the modern reality. But you should understand that the comparison between getting a degree at uni and a certificate after courses is only possible and makes sense under some conditions. They are – hard work and responsibility, accomplishing assignments in time, and obtaining all the information.

Terms of Education

Traditionally, it takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree program. Most bachelor’s degree programs require students to complete 180 credit hours. If you have decided to pursue a master’s degree, it takes six years of full-time education.

The duration of part-time courses education varies from several months to a couple of years. So if you don’t want to spend your time studying some unnecessary subjects and want to focus only on the IT field, you can choose courses.


Speaking of getting a degree at university there is a possibility that you will have to move to the dorm, another city, or even country. So now you will have a specific struggle – the route to the university. In the morning, everyone is in a rush to get to work, etc. It happens that you might miss the train or bus.

When you take part-time courses, you are most likely to study at home. You can wake up depending on when your classes start so you have time to do morning routines like having a shower, eating breakfast, and so on. In case you have recorded lectures everything is even better as you have more freedom and no time limits.

Potential Networking Opportunities

When you attend university, you are in constant interaction with a lot of people. You communicate with other students, professors, or university staff. The list of potential connections and acquaintances can reach several dozens or even hundreds of people.

Thus, you are provided with the chance to make a lot of new contacts, find soulmates, and even the love of your life. You can also start blogging with your friends so that after graduating you will have plenty of memories together. In the future, these people can become your partners in a company or they can offer some services to you.

When you enroll in part-time courses, you basically can only communicate with a small group of people. Usually, it consists of 10-20 people or less, a few professors, a mentor, or a tutor. Though, it is a better option for people who are introverted or have social anxiety.

Prospects of Employment

Getting a diploma is the main reason why people go to university. Without higher education, some professions like doctors, civil servants, and others are not available. Speaking of the IT field, we have the same situation.

Some high engineering or research positions are unattainable without higher education. So if you want to apply for a job with a reasonable salary and status, a diploma is a must-have. Higher education is the foundation for the further development of an IT student.

At the university, you gain key skills and the ability to achieve long-term goals. And together with the diploma of a credible institution, it shows basic discipline and the ability to work in a team.

As for part-time courses, the prospects of employment also vary. In some companies when hiring a programmer, it is more important for him or her to show the employer good coding skills, not certificates and diplomas. Higher education is more of a plus than a necessity.

Summing Up

When studying IT, many opportunities and doors are opened for you. You will enter one of the most exciting and interesting worlds to learn. The thing is, technological progress has no limits and boundaries. Thus, you will also move forward and develop yourself.

But when it comes to the decision about getting an IT degree or enrolling in some part-time courses it is only up to you what to choose. You have only one life to live so you should be responsible for your actions and choices as they will obviously have an influence on your future. That’s why in order to simplify this issue for you, you need to look through the information above and decide for yourself what is better for you. Good luck!


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