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Kremlin says ‘impossible’ to fully isolate Russia

Inflation in Russia slows to under 12 percent
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The Kremlin said Sunday it is not possible to completely isolate Russia as the West continues piling sanctions on Moscow over its military operation in Ukraine.

“There can be no complete vacuum or isolation of Russia, it is technologically impossible in the modern world,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian state TV.

The world is “much larger than Europe”, he said, adding: “Sooner or later we will have to build a dialogue, whether some overseas want it or not.”

Western capitals slapped Russia with unprecedented economic sanctions after Moscow moved troops into Ukraine on February 24.

There are also travel bans and asset freezes on a number of government figures, including President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking about the possibility of Putin meeting Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, Peskov said it would be “hypothetically possible” but would require a written document agreed by both sides at peace negotiations with Kyiv.

For the meeting to take place, Peskov said the delegations must produce a “specific document”.

“Not a set of ideas, but a specific written document,” he added.

Earlier on Sunday, Russia’s top negotiator in ceasefire talks with Ukraine said it was too early for a top-level meeting on ending the conflict.

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