Kremlin thinks Russians will ‘support’ Ukraine operation

The Kremlin said Thursday it believes Russians will “support” Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, saying the duration of the mission will depend on “results” and will last as long as necessary.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said a “solid majority” of Russians support Moscow’s recognition of east Ukraine’s rebels. “That is why we can expect that this will be supported too,” Peskov said.

There are no fresh independent polls indicating the public mood in Russia on war with Ukraine.

Peskov did not say how long Moscow’s operation could last, saying that it will be President Vladimir Putin’s decision and based on “results.”

He said the operation has its “goals that need to be achieved”.

“Ideally, Ukraine needs to be liberated and cleansed of Nazis,” he told reporters.

He said the invasion was “not an occupation.”

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Putin announced he was launching a major military operation in Ukraine.

In doing so, he defied a barrage of international sanctions and weeks of calls from Western leaders not to make any moves against Ukraine.

But Peskov said that it was not possible to fully isolate Russia, and that its relations with certain countries were already strained.

“A country like Russia cannot be behind an iron curtain,” he said.

“Of course, we may have problems with a number of states (due to the invasion), but we had problems with these states even before that.”


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