Layout & Organization Strategies For Retail Stores

Designing a new store or refurbishing an existing one can take a lot of work, and a huge part of that is determining where everything will go. When you’re ready for a new layout, make sure you plan ahead and take as much into consideration as possible. It is important to make sure everything is set up right, so customers can find what they need and will enjoy the experience they have in the store. Use the following information to get started.

Choose the Right Kind of Shelves

Take a look at the wide range of shelving for stores available today to find something that works well for your company. Depending on the store, you may prefer different styles or types. Choose something that’s not going to take away from the products you’re selling and that’s not going to stand out too much. However, you will still want it to look good when a customer walks through the store. Determine the different types of shelves you'll need and how many of each you’ll want to purchase.

Plan a Layout for Where Shelves Will Go

Take the time to sketch out potential layouts on paper so you can see what they’ll look like. This gives you a better idea of what can fit where and how it’ll all work. There are a few things to keep in mind while you’re working to create the perfect layout.

  • Try Layout Zones: Split the products sold into zones and use those to organize each part of the
    store. This can make it easier for potential customers to find what they need.
  • Create a Standard Path Through the Store: How do customers get through the store? Using the shelving layout and the product organization, it’s easier to pull them through the whole store instead of having them just find what they need and leave.
  • Make Sure There's Plenty of Room: Always keep in mind ADA requirements and other applicable
    regulations when determining where to place shelving within the store.

Create an Area for Checkout Displays

Make sure you have extra displays near the checkout but that they aren’t in the way. These displays are perfect for smaller items, especially ones that someone might grab on the way to the checkout and think that they should buy since they’re already making a purchase. Keep these items well stocked to increase potential sales within the store.

Adjust and Improve as Needed

Even though you’ve taken the time to perfect the layout as much as possible, once the store is open, make sure you gather feedback from customers and pay attention to what they’re saying. There could be an issue you didn’t expect or they may love the new layout and be happy with how everything is arranged. If there are any issues, consider the complaints and take the time to fix them.

If you’re refreshing the layout for your retail store or you’re planning on opening a new store, make sure
you take the time to think about the layout carefully. A lot can go into determining where to put everything and how to get it all organized to increase your sales. Use the information there to get started and take a look at all of your options to find the right shelving and organization systems to use.

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