Looking To Re-Finance Your Vehicle? Have Your VIN Ready

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Your VIN plays an important role in your vehicle’s life. Without it, registering and tracking the ownership of a vehicle would be much more difficult, and managing recalls might be impossible. Understanding the VIN’s role and the information it contains can help you at many stages of vehicle ownership, including the phase where you prepare it for resale.

Why Is the VIN Important?

Every vehicle is manufactured with a unique ID number that can be used to identify it from others in the same production year. The VIN provides more than just a unique identifier, too. Its digits encode information about which manufacturer and model variation it is, the engine size, and even which of the manufacturer’s factories it originated from.

This is all vital information when tracking down recalls, and most of the information is also useful for sourcing parts for other repairs. You can learn more about what information the VIN holds by using a VIN decoder to get information about your vehicle whenever you want, not just when you want to sell it. That can really help if you get deep into modifications and performance parts.

Using AutoZone’s VIN Decoder

There are a couple of ways to decode your VIN. You can use an automatic parser or you can individually check the different digits on a table. The nice thing about this online decoder is that it gives you an automatic decoder and partial tables so you can see how the VIN’s anatomy breaks down. That helps you better understand its role in the vehicle’s maintenance as well as how it helps track ownership. You can get help with the VIN decoder in-store as well, which makes it easier to find the right auto parts when you shop in person.

Prepping Your Car To Re-Finance or Sell

If you are looking to either refinance or sell your vehicle, a few minor improvements can go a long way toward a better valuation. The first step is to take care of any obvious maintenance issues by addressing any diagnostic lights like a persistent check engine. Topping off fluids, including the washer fluid, is also a good idea. From there, prioritize the items that are most likely to be checked and the areas seen most often.

  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Wash and wax the vehicle exterior
  • Vacuum and dust the interior
  • Inspect and possibly replace tires that are at the end of their life expectancy
  • Check the brakes to be sure they are not at or past the replacement point
  • Recharge the air conditioner if needed
  • Get an oil change

There’s no need to overhaul the vehicle with a full restoration, but a small investment in a few easy-to-handle upgrades will only help you when your vehicle is appraised for either a loan or a trade-in. If you sell it yourself, it helps you to negotiate a final sale closer to your original asking price. Keep these tips in mind as you get your vehicle ready. Search for an AutoZone near me to find a local source for your automotive supplies.

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