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Missouri Police respond to standoff as shooter holds hostages in St. Charles City Hall Parking

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A shooter has taken hostages in a parking garage close to City Hall in St. Charles today (Monday), DailyMail reported. Missouri police are dealing with the situation right now.

Mayor Borgmeyer says there was yelling in the garage that led to gunfire during the shooter holding hostages situation at St. Charles City Hall Parking Garage

St. Charles Mayor Dan Borgmeyer said there was yelling in the parking garage that led to gunfire. A hostage situation then began with an armed man on the first floor of the parking garage. The scene was surrounded by police as a First Alert 4 crew arrived Monday morning.

A man appears to be locked inside his car with a woman and has informed police that he is armed, according to DailyMail.

Officers were spotted surrounding the building, blocking the sole exit, as they attempted to negotiate with the gunman. Police later confirmed that the suspect was arrested and the victim was safely released without injury.

No injuries reported, authorities blocked off traffic

No one was struck by gunfire, a St. Charles County government source told First Alert 4. According to local media, a mental health expert was called in to begin negotiations with the man, and the situation was contained to the parking garage.

The parking garage is situated across from St. Charles City Hall on North 2nd Street. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries.

As the investigation progresses, authorities have blocked off traffic in the vicinity. Mayor Borgmeyer suggested that the incident could be linked to a court case that didn’t go well for someone, as per KSDK reports.

A significant police presence remains around the parking garage, which is used by City Hall. Despite attempts to reach them, a spokesperson for St. Charles City Police has not responded yet. Updates will be provided as more details emerge.


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