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Multiple people killed in ‘Bow and Arrow’ attack in Kongsberg, Norway

Bow and Arrow Kongsberg Norway

A man using a bow and arrow to carry out attacks in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg on Wednesday killed several people and injured others, according to local police.

Local reports from Kongsberg, Norway say several people have been killed and injured after an attack by someone using bow and arrow.

A large area near Kongsburg and Nybura has reportedly been evacuated and cordoned off after the attacker allegedly shot multiple people with his bow and arrow in an open street.

The man who carried out the act has been arrested by the police, the police said at a press conference on Wednesday night.

According to police, the alleged archer acted alone.

When asked about a possible terrorist connection, Drammen Police Chief Øyvind Aas told reporters, “Time will tell.”

The police declined to comment on the number of casualties after in the incident in Kongsberg.

According to local reports, the Norwegian Elite Police Unit and military forces have been deployed in the aftermath of the bow and arrow attack.

UPDATE 17:25 EST: Five people have been killed and others have been injured in bow and arrow attacks in Norway, according to public broadcaster NRK.

Alleged photos shared on social media after bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg, Norway


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