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NASA Report: UFOs Are a Threat to US Airspace, Administrator Nelson Says Aliens ‘Out There’

Ex-Navy admiral reveals military cover-up, supports non-human UFO claims

According to a recent NASA report, there are still unidentified objects in our skies that might pose a threat to US airspace. NASA has also named a new head for UFO research to investigate further, The Telegraph reported on Thursday.

NASA’s Search for Life, Report States UFOs Threat to US Airspace, NASA Administrator Nelson Remains Hopeful

NASA is actively searching for indications of life, whether it existed in the past or exists currently, according to Sky News. Bill Nelson, NASA administrator, is optimistic that they will identify another planet suitable for life within the vast universe.

“The NASA independent study team did not find any evidence the UAPs have an extraterrestrial origin, but we don’t know what these UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) are,” Nelson said. “The mission of NASA is to find out the unknown. We don’t know what the UAP is, but we are going to try to find out.”

The US Space Agency revealed findings from a 15-month investigation into UAPs. However, the report cautions that the available data doesn’t allow for “definitive scientific conclusions.”

An independent team of 16 researchers shared their early findings in May, News 18 reported. They stated that most UFOs can be attributed to natural occurrences. These include common things like airplanes, balloons, drones, weather patterns, or even problems with the recording equipment.

The report dismissed the 2015 “Go Fast” video captured by a Navy fighter jet pilot aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. In this video, the pilot described an object zipping across the ocean at great speed. The investigative team determined that there was no evidence of a propulsion system. It suggested that the object was likely drifting with the wind rather than exhibiting extraordinary propulsion capabilities.

However, the report’s authors cautioned that certain UFOs still defy explanation. They emphasized the need to leverage satellite data and crowd participation to delve deeper into these enigmatic occurrences.

NASA’s Stance on UFOs: Investigating Mysterious Events on Earth

While NASA explores distant planets for signs of life and intelligent civilizations, it has traditionally been skeptical of sightings on Earth.

During a May meeting, the report’s authors mentioned that they have compiled over 800 “events” spanning 27 years, News 18 reported. Approximately two to five percent of these events are considered potentially unusual. These anomalies are described as anything not easily explainable by the observer or sensor, or something exhibiting unusual behavior, according to team member Nadia Drake.

In recent years, the US government has started to take UAPs more seriously, partly due to concerns about their possible connection to foreign surveillance activities.


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