NFL Super Bowl 2023 Bettings Odds

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This year’s Super Bowl is scheduled to be held on the 12th of February at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The NFL championship game will be one of the greatest gambling events of the year. If you are a fan of this sport, you should be looking forward to the Super Bowl odds and who will take home the championship cup.

We are sure of a very competitive Super Bowl match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles after a thrilling Sunday of conference championship action, injuries aside. Odds opened up on both sides of the prediction thread, with some predicting Philly to win and others picking Kansas City as the favorite. Eagles -1.5 is the current market consensus, but there is a chance that it will continue to incline toward a field goal.

Who has the best odds of winning the Super Bowl 2023?

● Philadelphia Eagles (-106)

The interesting thing about Philadelphia is that while lacking the Chiefs’ legacy, they are built very much like them. They boast one of the strongest offenses in the league because of Jalen Hurts, their dynamic quarterback, and their elite receiving options. The offensive line and rushing the passer are the two areas where the Eagles can take advantage of their strengths during the Super Bowl. The Eagles’ best chance of winning is to stop Kansas City’s pass rush and force Mahomes to play with a broken ankle by having Haasan Reddick wreak havoc on him.

● Kansas City Chiefs (-114)

The Chiefs defeated the Bengals in the AFC championship game despite being without all their top receivers and playing without an injured Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. The Eagles are indeed talented, but the Chiefs are better.

The Chiefs are the team to beat until proven otherwise, thanks to their varied offense centered on Mahomes, Kelce, and a revitalized run game. Given the minor value advantage and the fact that KC is currently the underdog, the choice is only strengthened.

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