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Obama chef death: Police left call log of Tafari Campbell’s drowning blank

Obama Chef Death: Police Call Log for Tafari Campbell's Drowning Found Blank
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Earlier this week, a tragic incident occurred on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where the private chef of former President Barack Obama, Tafari Campbell, was found dead. He had gone missing while paddleboarding on Great Edgartown Pond near the summer home of the former president, DailyMail reported.

Obama Chef Death Call Log Found Blank: Police Investigate Tafari Campbell’s Drowning Incident

According to the report, Martha’s Vineyard police left the reason for the 911 call reporting the drowning of Obama’s private chef blank in the official logs on the night of the accident.

The Massachusetts State Police reported the unfortunate news of Tafari Campbell’s passing. Despite some details about the incident coming to light, there is still uncertainty about the reason for the distress call to 911, as it was conspicuously absent from the official logs. The investigation into the incident continues.

Campbell had company on the water when the unfortunate incident occurred, according to However, the police have not disclosed the identity of the person who was with him, which has sparked curiosity among the public.

The emergency call was made at 7.46pm to alert authorities that Tafari Campbell had fallen into the water and was unable to come back up. However, surprisingly, the Edgartown Police Department left the crucial information about why the call was made blank.

The call originated from Wilson’s Landing, a paddle board launch site located about two miles away from the Obamas’ residence at Turkeyland Cove, as per information provided by the Massachusetts State Police.

Possible Reasons for Blank Call Log and Uncertain Incident Location

According to Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee, the call log is generated by the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office, not directly by the local police. He speculates that the reason for the blank call log could be that the caller from Obama’s property might not have dialed 911. But instead, made a direct call to a business line, resulting in the omission of crucial information.

Chief McNamee also clarified that the address listed as “Wilson’s Landing” was the public launch used as the command post, not necessarily the exact incident location. Initially, authorities didn’t know where the drowning had occurred, so they used the staging site as the incident location.

The property itself has a private beach, which provides easy access for launching a paddle board.

On Monday, the police confirmed that former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were not at home when the accident occurred, according to

The Obama family did not respond immediately, but they later issued a statement through various US media outlets. In the statement, they referred to Campbell as “a beloved part of our family.” They also expressed their sadness, stating that their hearts are broken over his passing.

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