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Pakistan Navy rescued 9 Indian crew members after ship sunk near Gwadar – reports

pakistan navy rescued indian crew gwadar
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According to local media reports, the Pakistan Navy rescued nine Indian crew members whose ship sunk in the Arabian Sea near Gwadar, according to the Director-General Public Relations.

According to the statement, the incident occurred on August 9 (Tuesday) when an Indian sailing vessel, ‘Jamna Sagar,’ sank with 10 crew members onboard.

The navy responded to a distress call as the ship sank, and the Pakistan Maritime Information Centre requested that a nearby merchant ship, MT Kruibeke, provide necessary assistance to the stranded crew of the sinking sailing vessel.

“The merchant ship eventually recovered nine crew members and continued the voyage to its next port in Dubai and onward disembarked the crew,” the statement said.

At the same time, a Pakistan Navy ship and two helicopters arrived in the area and discovered the body of one crew member who had gone missing after the sailing vessel capsized, according to Geo News.

The body was recovered and turned over to the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) for further investigation.

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