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Pro-Ukrainian group blamed for attack on Nord Stream pipelines: report

Denmark invites Nord Stream owner to recover mystery object
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New intelligence indicates that a Pro-Ukrainian Group was behind the attack on Nord Stream pipelines last year, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

This development is a significant step toward figuring out who is responsible for the sabotage, which has stumped investigators on both sides of the Atlantic for months.

Nord Stream pipelines attack likely carried out by Pro-Ukrainian Group, say U.S. Intelligence Officials

According to U.S. officials, there is no evidence that President Volodymyr Zelensky or any other high-ranking Ukrainian officials were involved in the attack. Additionally, the officials have not found any indication that the attackers acted under the direction of the Ukrainian government.

The assault on the gas pipelines, which connect Russia to Western Europe, sparked widespread speculation about who was responsible, from Moscow to Kyiv, London to Washington. The attack has remained an unsolved mystery and is one of the most consequential incidents of Russia’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Some officials have considered Ukraine and its allies to be the most likely culprits for the Nord Stream attack because they have long opposed the project, viewing it as a national security threat.

However, the Ukrainian government and military intelligence officials have denied any involvement in the attack and have no knowledge of who carried it out.

According to U.S. officials, there is still much unknown about the group responsible for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines. Although newly collected intelligence suggests that the perpetrators were opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the officials do not know the identity of the group’s members or who funded the operation yet.

No firm conclusions have been made by the officials

They have not disclosed how they obtained the intelligence or the strength of the evidence. The officials cautioned that no firm conclusions have been reached. It has left open the possibility that the attack could have been carried out by a proxy force with contacts in the Ukrainian government or its security department.

Officials who have reviewed the intelligence believe that the perpetrators were likely Ukrainian or Russian nationals or a combination of the two. However, they stated that no American or British nationals were involved in the attack.

U.S. officials who reviewed the new intelligence suggest that the explosives used in the attack were most likely planted by experienced divers who did not appear to be affiliated with any military or intelligence services. It is possible, though, that the perpetrators received specialized government training in the past.

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