Problem solutions for a malfunctioning catalytic converter [GUIDE]

An automobile catalytic converter is an important element of the exhaust system. It is designed to reduce the volume of harmful substances that are emitted into the atmosphere during the operation of an internal combustion engine. This part is installed on vehicles that are powered by a gasoline or diesel engine. The average service life of the catalytic converter is 150–300 thousand kilometers. This spare part has value even after failure, as there are precious metals inside the case. You can sell a faulty catalytic converter on thе Autocatalyst Market website at a good price that will help you get some of your investment back.

Replacement options

When the failure is detected, the catalytic converter should be replaced as soon as possible. This Is required since it increases the emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere and can affect the performance of the vehicle.

There are several options for solving the problem with a faulty catalytic converter:

  1. Replacement with an original part is an expensive but reliable option since it has a long service life.
  2. Installation of a versatile model – it does its job perfectly, it can be purchased at an affordable price.
  3. Removal of the catalytic converter and installation of the flame arrester – in this case, the re-flashing of the onboard computer is required, nevertheless, this method ensures long-term operation of the part.

Each of these methods has its own particular features. Car owners can choose the option that suits them based on their budget. Original catalytic converters have an affordable price range for some vehicle brands, while a versatile part will be a more affordable solution for others.

Repairing a catalytic converter

A failure of a catalytic converter often entails a complete replacement. In rare cases, experienced technicians may try to repair it. There are situations when the body has mechanical damage, while the honeycomb remains intact. This is the occasion when the part service life can be extended by welding. This solution will eliminate the problem and postpone the need to purchase a new catalytic converter.

What to do with the out-of-service converter?

After the failure has been detected and addressed, there is still the question – what to do with the old catalytic converter? Some people bring them to scrap metal collection points. But in this case, their price is insignificant.

In order to dispose of the part and at the same time make money, you can turn to the dealers. The cost of an out-of-service catalytic converter is set after analysis for the availability of platinum group metals in it is carried out.

All companies that accept failed catalytic converters pay about 75% of the cost of precious metals.
Therefore, there is no need to delay the replacement of the catalyst. This way you are more likely to retain valuable items that are paid well for.


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