Russia ‘counting on’ US polls to weaken Ukraine support: Zelensky

Zelensky expected for second wartime White House visit
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday Russia was hoping the upcoming US presidential elections would lower Washington’s support for Kyiv.

The leader of the war-torn country also said he was prepared to hold elections despite potential ongoing combat.

“(Russians) are counting on the American elections… although we have mutual support, bipartisan,” Zelensky said in a meeting in Kyiv.

He nevertheless acknowledged that there were “voices in the Republican Party who say that support for Ukraine should be reduced”.

“But it is important that the American people support democracy, support Ukraine, support our struggle,” he added.

Regarding Ukraine’s own elections, Zelensky said his government was ready to adjust to wartime constraints to make sure legitimate polls were held.

“I am ready for the elections. I mean, we are ready if it is necessary,” Zelensky said.

He acknowledged potential difficulties, including the need for servicemen on the frontline, for people in Russian-occupied territories, and for Ukrainian refugees to vote.

But he said his country was willing to organise for international observers to monitor elections.

“Will they be in the trenches?” Zelensky wondered.

“If the world is ready to send us people, we are all for it,” he continued.

“For us the main thing is not to hold elections, but for them to be recognised,” he also said.

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