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Russian agents uncover suspected plot to assassinate Putin: report

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A suspected plot to assassinate Russian President Putin has been revealed in an unusual way. According to reports, a rogue officer from a Russian law enforcement agency, who was apparently planning an attack, randomly crossed paths with a businessman at a suburban karaoke bar. This information was reported by the Telegram channel VChK-OGPU, which is said to have close connections to Russia’s security forces.

Russian plot to assassinate Putin uncovered: Specialist tips off ministry

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs got wind of this alleged plan to harm President Putin, who is turning 71 this Saturday. They learned about it earlier this week from a specialist working in the presidential administrative directorate.

According to a source speaking to VChK-OGPU, this specialist received an early-morning phone call from a man claiming to be 37-year-old Mikhail Yurchenko.

Yurchenko, who identified himself as a construction business owner, expressed concern about being caught up in a “strange story” while he was at the upscale Honey karaoke bar in Chekhov, a city located approximately 40 miles away from Moscow. This fancy bar is known for its elaborate chandeliers and luxurious ambiance.

The whistleblower reported having an extended and personal conversation with a stranger he met at the karaoke bar. They discussed topics like the war and the future for Russia, as per the Telegram channel.

During their conversation, the stranger suddenly showed a red service identification card and stated that he had a mission to “remove Vladimir Putin,” as per VChK-OGPU. Yurchenko didn’t dispute this claim and swiftly changed the subject of their discussion.

Concerned businessman sparks investigation after suspicious encounter at karaoke bar

The businessman couldn’t remember his drinking companion’s name and had a blurry view of his ID card. However, the discussion unsettled Yurchenko. A few days of concern prompted him to report the incident to the authorities. This report allegedly initiated a search for the person possibly planning an attack.

Upon receiving Yurchenko’s tip, law enforcement officers visited the karaoke bar to investigate. Employees from various government agencies are known to frequent the club in Chekhov, as mentioned by the Telegram channel.

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