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People in southwestern states report UFO sighting: Glowing, hazy object spotted in the sky

Nine never-seen-before UFO videos revealed by researchers
Source: Video Screenshot

On May 2, around 9 p.m., people in several southwestern states in the U.S. reported seeing a glowing, hazy UFO in the sky, with videos documenting the event. A DailyMail exclusive report had more insights about this.

Enigma Labs investigates UFO sightings, videos show mysterious objects appearing and disappearing

The videos of these sightings were uploaded to Enigma Labs, showing reports from California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. According to the witnesses, the UFO appeared suddenly without any sound and then vanished into thin air.

Source: Enigma Labs

Enigma Labs has created an extensive catalog of reported incidents from 20 witnesses to help determine what’s genuine and what’s a hoax. The batch of reports received by contained seven videos and two written accounts featuring similar objects. Enigma Labs confirmed that, in several of the videos, the object was observed disappearing from sight.

Alejandro Rojas, UAP advisor at Enigma Labs, noted that all the videos seemed to show the same object. He suggested it might have been a rocket, “but there were no rockets scheduled at that time.”

“Some of the reports indicate the object could be coming from either Vandenburg, China Lake, or the Nellis Test Range,” Rojas said.

Witnesses remain baffled by video of ‘mysterious light’

A family in Peoria, Arizona, stated that they are still puzzled by what they captured on video. “We’ve watched this video a hundred times and can’t explain it,” they said.

“We live by an airport. This was not an airplane, a planet, a star, a comet, or fireball, a drone, a satellite, or a rocket,” another witness in California claimed.

The Arizona witness recorded the footage in a neighborhood with houses lining the streets. The clip shows one visible star to the northeast of the UFO.

The witness said they and their son were out for a walk. They noticed a “bright light that looked like it was glowing in the clouds.”


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