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How to still download and play Fortnite on iOS and Android

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 IPA file download

Apple and Google both have kicked Epic Games’ popular Fortnite game from their respective app stores. Both technology giants said the popular video game has violated their in-app purchase guidelines. Epic Games has filed federal lawsuits against both Apple and Google, challenging their rules. Amid their corporate battle, millions of users are wondering if and how they can still download and play Fortnite on their iOS or Android devices.

Both Apple and Google require apps to use their in-app billing as a mode of payment. They take a cut of the App Store and Play Store purchases. The revenue share goes as high as 30%. On Thursday, Epic Games rolled out a direct payment feature to Fortnite to bypass Apple and Google’s in-app payment method.

Apple and Google then kicked Fortnite out of their app stores. Epic Games has launched a scathing attack on Apple, even releasing an in-game parody video of Apple’s 1984 commercial.

iOS users are stuck with the current version

If you have already had Fortnite installed on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to play it without any issues. But new downloads are not available. Given Apple’s obsession with restricting third-party app installations, you cannot download it from any other source without compromising security.

If you previously had Fortnite downloaded on your device using your Apple ID but later uninstalled it, you can still get it. Go to the App Store > Purchased > My Purchases and navigate to the “Not on this iPhone” menu. You can download the game from there. Even lapsed gamers who hadn’t updated the game recently can download the latest available version.

If you have never installed it on your iPhone or iPad in the past, you can’t download it now. Those who have the game on their phone can play the latest version currently installed, which is version 13.40 from Chapter 2, Season 3. They won’t get the upcoming Chapter 2, Season 4.

Android users can still download and play Fortnite easily

Google’s ecosystem is not as restricted as that of Apple. Gamers who have installed Fortnite through the Google Play Store will be able to keep playing the current version. But they won’t get future updates such as the new season, content, or the ability to participate in the new Battle Pass.

Fortunately, Google Play Store is not the only app store on Android. You can play Fortnite on Android by installing it from Epic Games. If you have a Samsung device, you can download the game from the Samsung Galaxy Store. By installing it from any of these two sources, you’ll get all the future updates and content.

Epic Games is encouraging Android users to install the game from Samsung Galaxy Store or from its own website.

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