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Sweden alert level unchanged despite Brussels shooting

Suspected Brussels attacker served prison sentence in Sweden: Swedish migration agency
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Sweden’s intelligence agency said Tuesday it was keeping its terror alert level unchanged despite the killing of two Swedes in Brussels.

On August 17, the Swedish Security Service (Sapo) raised it to four on a scale of five, saying Sweden had become a “prioritised target,” after a series of Koran burnings in the country.

“This assessment still stands,” the agency said.

Two Swedish football fans were killed in a shooting in Brussels on Monday evening, and a third person was injured in what Belgium’s prime minister condemned as an act of “terrorist madness”.

The suspect was later shot by police and died.

Sweden has been at the centre of a bitter row this year with Muslim countries after multiple burnings of Islam’s holy book.

Sapo said the “threat of attacks, particularly from violent Islamist extremism, has increased.”

“This is a serious situation and the Swedish Security Service’s assessment is that it will continue for a long time,” it added.

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