The Best Ways to Fake GPS Location on iPhone

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For most phone applications, keeping the built-in GPS switched on is important. Some common applications that require virtual location access are delivery apps, multi-player gaming apps, and dating/communication apps, to name a few.

However, keeping the location switched on is not always safe for people. Besides the protection factor, it is sometimes necessary to change location to access content from other places or move during location-based games.

Using an iOS location changer app, you can efficiently adapt the main location to another spot securely and quickly. This post will discuss the best methods available to fake the current location.

Why is Changing Current Location Important?

With a fake location, you can expand your digital reach and carry out multiple activities that are restricted within limited areas.

  • Improve GPS signals in the real location

Occasionally, the GPS location service on iPhone does not catch the signal connection properly and fails to detect accurate location. Here, a spoof location iPhone app boosts the GPS signals in that area.

  • Access to Geo-restricted content 

Many service providers, like streaming platforms, are legally restricted to providing specific types of content to certain geographical demographics. Therefore, they check the GPS location of a user to provide them with the relevant content they are subscribed for.

If you fake your location, you can get geo-restricted data, videos, songs, documents, and other benefits from the new “server location” you select.

  • Avoid sharing private locations with many social media apps

Some social media apps require quick sign-in from the users and ask for their location access. With this step, the software can detect and push the right type of promotional ads to the user. Here, changing the location can trick the iPhone GPS into stopping sending targeted ads.

  • Location-based games  

Real-time or intuitive RPG or adventure games use the GPS tracker to analyze players’ locations as they travel to different locations. For example, in the Pokemon Go mobile app, players can collect items and “pokemons” when they travel in real-time to different locations.

However, if you cannot travel to different locations occasionally, you can use a fake GPS app to gain regional control and travel across areas without moving around.

  • Broaden online dating options 

Another reason that prompts users to use a fake GPS iOS application is online dating options. Platforms for connecting individuals access location services to find people with similar interests closest to the user’s location. You can find potential partners in other regions or cities when you activate a fake GPS.

Ways to Change Location in iPhone

There are multiple useful and simple-to-use methods available for iPhone users to shift their current location on iPhone devices. The best ones are mentioned here.

Method 1: Utilize Dr. Fone– Virtual Location to Move Locations  

If you are wondering how to fake location on iPhone, one of the best methods available is to use Dr. Fone- Virtual Location app. The app is simple to activate with a single click and works on both iOS and Android devices.

It allows users to teleport their location to another spot in the world and connect with location-based gaming, tracking, and social media apps. Some compatible apps include Google Maps, Snapchat, Bumble, Pokemon GO, etc. In addition, you can use a virtual joystick through this app to flexibly move across areas and simulate GPS movement between specific spots.

You can get this app in the full Dr. Fone kit or as a standalone option for free.

Compatibility: Android, iOS


  • You can teleport the current GPS location with one click to a fake location anywhere in the world without real-time movement.
  • Connect specific spots and move along that route with the virtual joystick.
  • Export or import different paths in GPX file format with one click as saved favorites.
  • You can choose simulated movement speed, like driving, walking, or cycling.

How to Use This?

Step 1: Download Dr. Fone and launch the app after installation completes.

Step 2: Choose “Virtual Location” among the different feature choices.

Connect the software on the computer to your iPhone and click your cursor on the “Get Started” option.

You can connect via WiFi from the second time while using iPhone devices.

Step 3: In the map window that appears, choose your current location. Press the ‘center on’ icon to showcase the current location quickly from the right-hand sidebar.

Step 4: Choose the Teleport mode to activate it from the list of options in the upper-right sidebar.

Step 5: Type in the location you want to shift to in the text field on the upper-left side and choose Go.

Step 6: Press the “Move Here” option from the pop-up that appears. Your location would shift there.

Method 2: Use a VPN

Another useful solution on how to spoof location on iPhone is using a VPN service, unlike most other apps available on App Store. For example, you can try using ExpressVPN to change your IP address and access content from other locations.

ExpressVPN allows unlimited bandwidth support for users to access diverse content from a different location. The VPN has many server connections across several countries, so users can expect a fast connection wherever they connect to a server. In addition, it assures strong email and live chat-based customer support, secures online access, allows private browsing, and 256-bit encryption protection.

How to Use This?

Step 1: Install and launch the ExpressVPN app.

Step 2: Click on the power-on button in the home window. You can click the “Smart Location” option for automated location rerouting.

Step 3: The new GPS location is activated. You can use your apps in another city location.

Note: However, it is not the best technique for removing ads entirely if that is the main reason for changing GPS location. Additionally, some areas, like North Korea, do not authorize the use of VPN services, so you should consider other alternatives.

Method 3: Opt for a Computer program

Another method iOS users can try to change their GPS location is to utilize a computer program. This focuses on changing the GPS location directly and simulating a transfer to another global location via a specific route. One suitable program for that is Xcode, available for iPhone users.

How to do this?

Step 1: Install the Xcode app on your Mac device from the App Store.

Step 2: Launch the software; the main Xcode window will appear on the screen. After clicking on the “Single View Application” option, you should prepare a new project.

Then, press Next.

Step 3: Add a new project name and click on the Next button.

Step 4: On the upcoming window, you should choose the “Please tell me who you are” prompt. Check the GIT commands for the step and launch the specified terminal in the Mac device.

Step 5: Add the next commands:

Git config –global “”

git config –global user. name “your name”

Fill up the email and name details respective to your user information.

Step 6: Set the Development team up and connect Mac and iPhone device systems.

Step 7: Among the build device choices, unlock your device and choose it from the list. Do not leave the program while it processes the symbol files.

Step 8: Open the Debug menu and click on the “Simulate Location” option. Choose a location as you require.

Note: While using a computer program is simple for changing GPS location, it is not the easiest process, especially for beginners. Moreover, it does not always safeguard the private IP address from the ISP during the location shift.


Moving to another location is useful for various reasons, like avoiding targeted ads, streaming content from other locations, or playing games. Dr. Fone- Virtual Location is a suitable app for securely changing your location on your iPhone with some clicks. You can use it to move a marked path between two locations or a random location.

For the best result, try different methods to find the most suitable option for you.

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