The Future of Online Gambling: Predictions and Trends for 2030


The online gambling industry, also known as iGaming, has continually evolved into a huge beast and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Over the last couple of decades, many of the changes and advancements to have been experienced have been obvious. The introduction of the internet saw the emergence of websites specifically created for online casinos. New technologies allowed for the creation of new types of games and the mechanics that they use. The introduction of mobile technology allowed the industry to become more accessible and convenient.

Indeed, these are just some of the many developments the iGaming sector has experienced, but as technology continues to show improvement and push past any boundaries that may be in place, there is certainly a lot that can be expected in the future.

While 2030 is an extremely long time away – in terms of the capabilities that technology has – it will be upon us in a flash in reality. Therefore, it’s an acceptable period of time to think about just how far online gambling might be able to go in the years between now and then…

1.   New Gaming Technologies

One of the biggest areas of improvement that can be expected across online gambling is in regard to gaming technologies. This is an area that has continually evolved, but we can predict with certainty that there will be new technologies and methods to play the games that are created; which are also likely to experience technological advancement.

Virtual reality is among one of the biggest gaming demands of players currently, and it would be a surprise if we didn’t have it available across the mainstream of online gaming. The tech is edging closer, but it’s not as far forward as many had initially anticipated it would be. The same can be said with augmented reality. New technologies not even known today could be developed by 2030, creating a completely new way in which slots or table games are experienced, especially with the promise of the metaverse.

2.   Greater mobile accessibility

Given that figures suggest that most players will use their smartphones to access their favorite online casino, it wouldn’t be hard to predict improvements being made in terms of mobile play and accessibility.

Tech has improved the power of our devices, as well as allowing us to use greater internet connections, which can enhance the quality of the gameplay that is enjoyed. We might be on 5G now (which is likely to become more accessible worldwide in the coming years), but there will be countries where 6G will probably be available. The iGaming industry can use this connectivity to further improve their sites and provide players with quality experiences.

3.   New payment methods

There have been numerous advancements made regarding cryptocurrency across the online gambling industry in recent years. Still, between now and 2030, we can expect to see even greater strides be made regarding this form of payment.

Virtual currency is becoming more widely embraced on a global scale, as people learn the benefits and advantages that can be obtained when they hold it. Operators will be keen not to miss out on potential revenue, and will want to ensure they make themselves available to money that can be earned. With the coming years likely to shine more of a focus on crypto due to its growing adoption, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw various moves towards its acceptance from some of the biggest gambling operators.

4.   Changes in legislation

The online gambling sector will undoubtedly face new changes in the next few years, with some likely to be challenging but others to be beneficial. This will come in the guise of new legislation.

Numerous changes have already been experienced, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if there were more to come. Stricter regulations could be faced as problem gambling continues to be a focus for many governments and iGaming operators, meaning we could see tighter controls. In addition, we could also see the relaxation of some rules, which could make online gambling more accessible. The USA is an example of this, where it could still be legalized further.

Expect the unexpected – and expected

With technology continually being able to do the unexpected, we should be prepared to see the iGaming industry look to try and make the most of any advancements that can be achieved between now and 2030. Indeed, there are likely to be regulatory changes, too, all with the aim of making online gambling safer.

While some advancements and improvements are pretty easy to predict and foresee, it’s always best to keep an eye on those that aren’t so obvious, too.

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