Tide Against Time: How a new student organization is fighting the prison system

Our prison industry is a cornerstone of national economies in many states in the USA, like Alabama. It is an enterprise worth billions of dollars that goes to private corporations who build supermax prisons. America is the only country that turned its incarceration system into one money-making machine. This may not come as any surprise as they are a cradle of capitalism where everything must turn a profit to survive. Even their prisons. Because of this, the united states prison population is on a rise accounting for almost 20% of the worldwide prison population.

Incarceration System Incorporated

Only in America can jail become one lucrative business enterprise. This is especially vivid in northern states like Alabama. It seems like the percentage of incarcerated folks here is much higher than any state’s average. The whole United States incarcerated population is one money-making machine since more inmates imply more cash for private contractors who build prisons. Our harsh legal system comes as a result, but also that taxpayer’s cut which rises constantly. Not everybody benefits from massive prison production, especially not those inmates whose lives are ruined forever. These prisons are examples of very violent, inhumane, drug-infested places. Some brave students are set to do something about all that.

Tide Against Time aims at educating our public about some economic and social repercussions of such a system. They do this mostly by blogging or writing essays on this topic. Pointing on examples of mass incarceration and its inhuman conditions is crucial for a change in public opinion. Their research paper studies and free examples of prison life essays are a cornerstone of their campaign. We as a public should take notice and develop some critical thinking or awareness about this issue. We do love it when bad guys go to jail, but incarceration in the USA is spreading like an epidemic.

Examples Of Discrimination

This young organization warns us about the social impact of mass incarceration. Almost 30% of young Afro-Americans end up in our incarceration system at some point. Other minorities like Latinos also dominate in numbers. Their communities or families are destroyed as a result. They can’t find any job once they are released so they usually go back to their life of crime. It is like some never-ending circle that is meaningless and serves only to make money for prison contractors. This is what Tide against Time aims to change with its activism. Altering prisons into one real rehabilitation system might give some chance to the United States prison population.

Incarceration System Transformation

There is a lot of work to be done at this point. Transforming our whole incarceration system takes effort from our whole community. We all must tune in and spread awareness about cruel prison conditions and our prison system as a business. Too much money goes wasted. Many lives are ruined in this process. We must stop this never-ending circle from repeating itself. Following Tide Against Time and their efforts might be our first step in that direction. Each student should read their essays or visit their blogs. This way, their voice will be heard representing all inmates and their families.

Big prisons equal big business which means a lot of taxpayer’s money goes into building them. This money goes to private contractors with political connections. Their incentive is to incarcerate as many people as possible. The Tide against Time supports the total prison population the US holds by giving them some voice and support. They are mostly Hispanic or black minorities whose lives are devastated by this ruthless prison system. By educating its public through essays, real-life examples, or student activism, this organization seeks to change public perception about the prison system. Turning any ruthless business into some civilized correctional system takes hard work. Still, we have to start somewhere, and the best way to do this is to spread the word to the people.


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