Top-Rated 4K Smart Televisions: A Guide to Finding the Best TV in 2023

Searching for the perfect TV in 2023 can seem like navigating a complex labyrinth with an overwhelming array of options. Did you know that this year, top brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, and TCL are set to release their most innovative models yet? Our article breaks down all the complicated jargon into bite-sized information, steering you through the maze to find your ideal 4K smart television.

Ready to turn the confusion into clarity? Let’s dive in!

Best 4K Smart Televisions for 2023

The LG C2 OLED, Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV, TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546), Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED, and Hisense U7H Google TV are among the top-rated 4K smart televisions for 2023.


Exploding onto the 2023 TV scene is the LG C2 OLED, a model that packs a significant punch for gadget lovers. This top-rated television boasts an impressive feature set including its unique Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

This state-of-the-art display ensures you experience your favorite shows and games with unrivaled color accuracy and deep blacks for contrast-rich visuals. Not only does it dazzle in terms of picture quality but also shines through smart capabilities – partnering up with Google TV integration to provide interactive content at your fingertips.

If advanced connectivity options are high on your list, this LG model steps up, featuring both elegant design and user-friendly interface that will undoubtedly fit into any tech-savvy lifestyle.

The LG C2 OLED isn’t just one of the best TVs available; it’s an integral part of what makes 2023 such a great year for televisions.

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV

The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV is one of the top-rated 4K smart televisions for 2023, offering an exceptional viewing experience for gadget lovers. With its cutting-edge technology and impressive features, this TV is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their entertainment setup.

One of the standout features of the Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV is its display quality. Utilizing Neo Quantum Processor with incredible precision, this TV delivers stunning color accuracy and contrast.

Whether you’re watching your favorite movies or playing video games, the vibrant colors and deep blacks will immerse you in a truly cinematic experience.

In addition to its picture quality, the Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV also boasts a range of smart features that make it easy to navigate and enjoy your favorite content. Powered by Tizen OS, this smart TV offers seamless integration with popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

You can also control your connected devices through voice commands thanks to built-in voice assistants like Bixby and Amazon Alexa.

TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546)

The TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546) is a top pick for gadget lovers on a budget in their search for the best 4K Smart TV in 2023. This television offers impressive features and performance at an affordable price point.

With its sleek design and vivid picture quality, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and games like never before. The TCL 5-Series also comes with Google TV integration, providing you with easy access to all of your favorite streaming apps and services.

Whether you’re watching Netflix or playing video games, this TV delivers stunning visuals and smooth motion thanks to its high refresh rate. Plus, it offers Dolby Vision support for enhanced contrast and color accuracy.

Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED

The Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED is one of the top-rated 4K smart televisions for 2023. This high-end TV offers stunning picture quality with its OLED display technology, showcasing vibrant colors, deep blacks, and impressive contrast.

With its advanced XR processor, it upscales content to near-4K resolution, ensuring sharp and detailed images. The A95K also features HDR (High Dynamic Range) support for enhanced brightness and color accuracy.

As a smart TV, it runs on Android TV OS, providing a user-friendly interface with access to popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, the Sony Bravia XR A95K includes various connectivity options such as HDMI ports and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with other devices. Click here for more information.

Hisense U7H Google TV

The Hisense U7H Google TV is a top-rated 4K smart television that combines impressive picture quality with advanced features. With its vibrant display and sleek design, this TV is sure to enhance your viewing experience.

Powered by the Google TV platform, you’ll have access to a wide range of streaming apps and services right at your fingertips. Its high-definition resolution and HDR technology ensure stunning visuals with rich colors and sharp details.

The Hisense U7H also offers multiple connectivity options, including HDMI ports and built-in Wi-Fi for seamless integration into your home entertainment setup. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or streaming your favorite shows, the Hisense U7H Google TV delivers exceptional performance that will satisfy any gadget lover’s needs in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 4K Smart TV

When choosing a 4K Smart TV, there are several factors to consider including screen size, display technology (such as OLED or QLED), smart TV features, connectivity options, and audio quality.

Screen size

One important factor to consider when choosing a 4K Smart TV is the screen size. In 2023, you’ll find a wide range of options available, from compact sizes perfect for smaller spaces to large screens that provide an immersive viewing experience.

Consider where you plan to place the TV and how far away you’ll be sitting to determine the ideal screen size for your needs. Keep in mind that larger screen sizes tend to offer a more cinematic feel, but they may require a larger space and higher budget.

On the other hand, if space is limited or you’re on a budget, opting for a smaller screen size can still provide impressive picture quality without overwhelming your living area. Ultimately, finding the right balance between screen size and room dimensions will ensure that you get the most out of your 4K Smart TV experience in 2023.

Display technology (OLED, QLED, etc.)

The display technology of a 4K smart television plays a crucial role in delivering stunning visuals. Two popular options to consider are OLED and QLED. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs provide deep black levels, vibrant colors, and excellent contrast thanks to individually lit pixels that can turn on or off independently.

This results in incredible picture quality with detailed images and true blacks. On the other hand, QLED (Quantum Dot LED) TVs utilize quantum dots to enhance color reproduction, brightness levels, and overall image performance.

These TVs offer brighter displays with impressive HDR capabilities for an immersive viewing experience. Whether you prioritize deep blacks or vibrant colors, understanding the differences between these technologies can help you make an informed decision when choosing your next 4K smart TV in 2023.

Smart TV features

Smart TVs come packed with a range of features to enhance your viewing experience. With the best 4K smart televisions in 2023, you can expect advanced functionalities such as voice control, built-in streaming apps, and compatibility with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

These TVs also offer seamless connectivity options, allowing you to connect your other devices wirelessly or through HDMI ports. Additionally, many smart TVs have intuitive user interfaces that make navigating through apps and settings a breeze.

Some models even include gaming modes optimized for smooth gameplay on the big screen. So whether you’re streaming your favorite shows or playing games, the smart TV features of these top-rated 4K televisions are sure to impress!

Connectivity options

Connectivity options are an important factor to consider when choosing a 4K smart TV in 2023. With the ever-increasing number of devices we use, having multiple connectivity options on your TV can make life much easier.

Look for TVs that offer a variety of ports such as HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. HDMI ports are essential for connecting gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices to your TV.

USB ports allow you to connect external storage devices or charge your smartphone. Ethernet ports provide a wired internet connection for faster speeds and more stable streaming.

In addition to physical connections, wireless connectivity is another key feature to consider. Most modern smart TVs come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to connect wirelessly to your home network and access online content without the need for additional cables.

Some TVs also support Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to pair wireless headphones or speakers directly with your television.

When researching potential TVs, it’s crucial to check if they support the latest standards like Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) or Bluetooth 5.0 as these offer faster speeds and improved performance compared to older versions.

Audio quality

One important factor to consider when choosing a 4K smart TV is the audio quality. In 2023, top-rated TVs are expected to offer immersive sound experiences that enhance your viewing pleasure.

With technologies like Dolby Atmos and AI-powered audio processing, you can expect clear dialogue, rich bass, and vibrant surround sound.

Leading brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio are incorporating advanced audio features into their models. For example, LG’s C2 OLED TV utilizes its AI Sound Pro technology to analyze and optimize the audio based on the content being played.

On the other hand, Samsung’s QN95B Neo QLED TV boasts Object Tracking Sound++ for precise sound placement that matches the on-screen action.

When researching potential TVs, it’s worth considering whether they have built-in speakers or if they require external sound systems for optimal performance. Some models even support HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) for seamless connection with compatible soundbars and receivers.

How to Find the Best Deals on 4K Smart Televisions

To find the best deals on 4K smart televisions, research prices and compare different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best price. Look out for sales and discounts, especially during holiday periods like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It’s important to buy from reputable retailers to avoid counterfeit products or unreliable customer service. Additionally, reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of specific TV models before making a purchase.

Research prices and compare

To find the best deal on a 4K smart television in 2023, it’s important to research prices and compare options. With so many brands and models available, prices can vary significantly.

By doing your homework and comparing prices across different retailers, you can ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money. Keep an eye out for special sales or discounts that may be happening at certain times of the year, as this can also help you score a great price on your new TV.

Additionally, consider buying from reputable retailers known for their competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Don’t forget to read customer reviews as well to get an idea of what others have experienced with the TV you’re interested in.

Look for sales and discounts

Finding the best deals on 4K smart televisions is an important step in your search for the perfect TV. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts, as they can help you save a significant amount of money.

In 2023, many retailers offer promotions and special offers, so it’s worth taking the time to do some research. Compare prices from different stores to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

Reputable retailers often have discounted prices or exclusive deals on certain models, so it’s worth checking their websites or visiting their stores. Don’t forget to read customer reviews as well, as they can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of a particular TV model.

Consider buying from reputable retailers

To ensure a smooth and satisfying purchase experience, it’s essential to consider buying your 4K smart television from reputable retailers. These retailers have built their reputation on delivering quality products and excellent customer service.

By choosing to buy from them, you can feel confident that you’re getting a genuine product with all the manufacturer warranties intact. Reputable retailers also often offer competitive prices and promotional deals, allowing you to save money while still getting the best TV for your needs.

Moreover, they have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in making an informed decision based on your preferences and budget. So, whether you choose to shop online or visit a physical store, buying from reputable retailers ensures peace of mind and a hassle-free purchase process.

Read customer reviews

One of the most important steps in finding the best 4K smart TV is to read customer reviews. They provide valuable insights into the real-life experiences of people who have already purchased and used the television you are considering.

By reading customer reviews, you can learn about the pros and cons of a particular model, including picture quality, sound performance, user interface, durability, and any issues or concerns that other users may have encountered.

Additionally, customer reviews often highlight specific features or functionalities that stood out to them, helping you determine if a particular TV meets your needs and preferences.


In conclusion, finding the best 4K smart television in 2023 can be an exciting but overwhelming task. With top-rated options like the LG C2 OLED, Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV, TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546), Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED, and Hisense U7H Google TV available, you have plenty of choices to suit your needs and budget.

Remember to consider factors such as screen size, display technology, smart features, connectivity options, and audio quality when making your decision. By researching prices and deals, reading customer reviews ,and buying from reputable retailers , you can find a high-quality TV that will bring the best entertainment experience into your home.


1. What is a 4K smart television and why should I consider buying one in 2023?

A 4K smart television refers to a TV that offers ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution, typically with a pixel count of 3840×2160. Buying a 4K smart TV in 2023 is worth considering because it provides superior image quality, enhanced color accuracy, and access to streaming services and apps for an immersive entertainment experience.

2. How do I determine the best TV for my needs in 2023?

To find the best TV in 2023, you should consider factors such as display technology (OLED or QLED), screen size suitable for your viewing distance, HDR capability for vibrant visuals, refresh rate for smooth motion handling, connectivity options including HDMI ports and wireless capabilities, as well as smart features like voice control and app compatibility.

3. What are some top-rated brands known for producing quality 4K smart televisions?

Some top-rated brands renowned for their high-quality 4K smart televisions include Samsung, LG Electronics, Sony Bravia, TCL Roku TVs, Vizio SmartCast TVs and Hisense. These brands offer cutting-edge technologies along with reliable performance and excellent customer satisfaction.

4. Can I expect prices to drop on high-end 4K smart TVs in 2023?

While it’s difficult to predict exact price drops, it’s common to see prices decrease over time due to technological advancements and market competition. As newer models are released throughout the year of 2023,

it’s likely that prices on high-end 4K smart TVs will become more affordable compared to previous years’ models while still offering advanced features and improved picture quality.

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