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Trends in Web Design / the rise of remote businesses in 2022

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Since the arrival of the internet – on January 1, 1983 – there have been more than one billion websites developed, globally, with around five billion people actively browsing the world wide web daily.

As with most aspects of everyday life, there have been many different trends when it comes to the design of websites – with this being very much something that is constantly evolving. Throughout this article, we will take a closer look at the different trends in web design, as well as focus on the rise of remote businesses in 2022.

Understanding Trends in Web Design

If you want your website to continue to attract visitors – and to make it stand out from the rest – it is vitally important that you are aware, and fully understand, how website development trends continue to evolve.

At the end of the day, it is important that we constantly look forward – and consider the future – as with the constant development of technology, we are seeing endless opportunities and ways that we can improve the look – and feel – of our websites.

Additionally, the continuous incline concerning the number increasing of website templates that are being offered to us – we are in the best position possible to build a website that fulfills our needs and requirements.

The Trends in Web Design – 2022

We are quite literally being spoilt for choice when it comes to the different trends in web designs, especially in the current era – and 2022 certainly looks like things are about to become even more exciting for web designers around the world.

Whatever the purpose of your website is, it is important to choose the right design – and layout – to ensure that you continue to bring visitors to your site. Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in web design in 2022.

Choosing the Right Colour(s)

Knowing what color (s) to use throughout your website has always been one of the most important decisions that you have had to make when considering the design of your website. And, right now we are seeing plenty of websites opt for the use of big, bold and bright color schemes, which certainly make them stand out from other sites.

We are even seeing some retro-like color schemes coming into play, which – when combined with the use of different shapes – are proving to be highly effective in attracting visitors.

Sending Visitors on an Interactive Journey

More and more websites are beginning to feature interactive sections – which offer visitors the opportunity to engage – and learn more about the website and its content.

Whether the website features an interactive quiz – or opts to use a variety of polls – that visitors can partake in, such aspects can add value to the website itself, and also offer the same to visitors. Businesses are also looking at other ways to interact and engage – whilst also showcasing their services to customers – by creating their very own web applications.

The Rise of Remote Businesses in 2022

Just as the introduction of new technology brings plenty of opportunities for web developers to enhance the websites that they are producing, we are also seeing a healthy increase in the rise of remote businesses.

In 2022, it is expected that more and more businesses will turn to a ‘remote’ way of working, whereby employees will conveniently be able to work from wherever they find themselves in the world. Some even believe that being able to work remotely is going to change the way that we travel.

So, why are companies allowing their employees to work remotely?

Well, they are seeing many benefits behind such a way of working, which includes:

● an increase in levels of productivity

● a reduction in business costs (for example, less of a need to rent office space)

● flexible working hours for employees

● improved health of employees

And, we are continuing to see that more and more employees – globally – are adapting to remote working, especially during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, as they can better balance their work and personal lives. This is ultimately going to bring a continuing rise – throughout 2022 – in the number of businesses that turn to a remote way of working.

In Conclusion

As you can see we are continuing to witness a rise in both the trends in web design – as well as the number of companies, and people, turning to remote working.

In 2022, it is expected that both of these areas will see even bigger growth – and that is very much thanks to the ever-increasing introduction of new technology, which is bringing with it more and more possibilities to design the very best websites, as well as the opportunity to run a business from wherever you are on the planet.

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