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Twitter Notes: A way to write longer than normal tweets

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Twitter is finally working on a new feature that will allow users to post long-form content on the platform, which currently only allows 280-character posts.

Users will be able to create articles using rich formatting and uploaded media, which will then be tweeted and shared with followers once published, according to TechCrunch.

The feature is currently being tested with a small group of users, and the company plans to launch it soon.

App researchers such as Jane Manchun Wong discovered the new feature in development, which was previously known as “Twitter Article.”

In a recent tweet, app researcher Nima Owji said, “Twitter’s new artwork for the “Notes” (Twitter Articles).”

At the moment, Twitter users have to write long-form content in the form of broken threads which may be jarring for people to read.

Aside from writing Twitter threads, users also write long-form content on other apps, save it as a pdf or jpg file, and then screenshot and share it on Twitter.

Twitter Notes will solve both issues by allowing users to write long-form articles directly on the platform, according to a report published late Tuesday.

“Like tweets, the Notes would have their own link and could be tweeted, retweeted, sent in DM’s, liked and bookmarked,” it added.

Users could check or uncheck boxes to automatically tweet the article to their feed, Twitter Circle, or Communities when publishing ‘Twitter Notes.’

According to app developers, users can also copy the article URL to share it elsewhere, such as on another website or in an email.

The tool will be available from user profiles, directly to the right of the “Tweets & replies” link and before “Media.”


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