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Twitter users account stuck in consent_flow loop after changing birth date – reports

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Many Twitter users are experiencing an error with consent flow getting stuck after updating their birth date. The app does not direct the user to a different page and gets stuck.

Twitter has a strict policy to restrict the platform for users below the age of 13. Recently, users were prompted to add their birth date to curb child safety-related issues.

However, some adults who created their Twitter accounts when they were under 13 or accidentally entered their wrong birth info are getting locked out of their accounts.

Reports of Twitter stuck in ‘consent flow’ loop error with changing birth date

According to multiple reports, users are getting stuck in a frustrating loop after changing their date of birth. The error has left many people confused as to what is happening and the reason for their account inaccessibility.

Users on Twitter for desktop are repeatedly seeing a ‘consent flow’ page where they get they a notification ‘Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later’.

“Hi, @TwitterSupport I may need some help retrieving my account (@sapphotahu) back very soon, it keeps on going in the consent flow error loop after I updated my birth date,” one user tweeted.

“Hi @TwitterSupport, could you check your consent flow page as my main account is stuck at the page with the message “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.” after adjusting my birthdate. Thank you!” another posted.

Meanwhile, some Android users are experiencing a repitive loading loop. iOS users are only getting an error notification saying ‘Oops something went wrong’, same as their desktop counterparts.

It seems there is some major malfunctioning problem in the entire process, resulting in various types of loops on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Twitter’s acknowledgment 

Fortunately. Twitter support has acknowledged the ‘consent flow’ loop or loading issue. They replied to a user’s query and said they are looking into the matter. However, no ETA has been provided for the fix.

There is currently no workaround for the problem. So looks like users will have to wait for the company to bring out a fix or a reliable workaround.


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