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UAE plans to open embassy In Tel Aviv, Israel

UAE Israel Embassy Tel Aviv

As anticipated by political analysts all over the world, many Gulf States are in different stages of extending diplomatic relations with Israel. Anwar Gargash, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs disclosed to the press that several Arabian states are in the process of signing agreements with Israel.

One week ago, a historic agreement with Israel was sealed ensuring peace and diplomatic relations between UAE and Israel.

This peace agreement was appreciated by United Nations and politicians worldwide as a step forward. Wentworth WP and Dave Sharma, the former Australian ambassador to Israel expressed enthusiasm in the following words, “hugely significant for the Middle East.” They further stated that White House deserves credit for securing the deal. Gargash further told the press that UAE’s relations with Israel are taking a friendlier turn.

The breaking news for today unveiled the UAE’s Embassy location in Israel, according to several reports UAE’s Embassy will be located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and not Jerusalem as previously rumored in 2018. The Embassy to be set up in Tel Aviv is a monumental moment in history regarding UAE and Israel relations.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs also told the press that Israel’s decision regarding suspension of the Palestinian land annexation was a major factor that resulted in warmer relations between UAE and Israel. Gargash also commented that setting up of UAE Embassy at Tel Aviv will also result in improved relations with the United States since the United States was also a signatory to the peace agreement signed between Israel and UAE.

In pursuance of the peace agreement signed between UAE and Israel, delegations from two nations will conduct meetings and discussions over the next two weeks. These meetings will aim to guarantee bilateral agreements concerning tourism, direct flights between two nations, security and securing reciprocal embassies.

According to news reports on Monday, Reuven Rivlin, the president of Israel sent an invitation to Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to visit Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel has told the press that the two nations are working together to devise a system of direct flights from Tel Aviv, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These flights will use the Saudi Arabia airspace. In a television interview, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he expects other Arabian states to follow suit as well.

It is expected that these diplomatic ties between the two most economically dynamic regions of the Middle East will result in prosperity and goodwill for both nations. The UAE Embassy at Tel Aviv is likely to open big commercial opportunities for trading and marketing. Once direct flights are set up, prosperity and advancement can be shared by both nations by opening new avenues of success for the citizens.

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