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UFO purportedly ‘spotted’ during solar eclipse, video goes viral

UFO video solar eclipse
Image: Video Screenshot

A UFO video has surfaced on X / Twitter, purportedly capturing a UFO sighting during the solar eclipse in Arlington, Texas on April 8.

Just before 10 pm EST on April 8, X user Matt Wallace shared the video, claiming it depicts a UFO spotted over Arlington, Texas, amidst the solar eclipse, stirring up a frenzy as it seems to vanish into the clouds.

The footage initially focuses on the partial eclipse, with a shadow swiftly traversing the scene. Later, the same shadow is observed moving rapidly in the opposite direction before vanishing completely.

This UFO video during the solar eclipse has caused quite a stir on social media, with various interpretations emerging.

One theory suggests that the shadow on the clouds could be attributed to a high-altitude airplane, a phenomenon familiar to aviation enthusiasts.

“Aliens love visiting the United States of America,” a user said in the comments of the UFO video.

The solar eclipse, which occurred on April 8, traversed North America, passing through Mexico, Dallas in Texas, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, and the northwest corner of Canada.

According to NASA, approximately 32 million people resided within the ‘path of totality,’ where the moon completely obscured the sun. An additional 150 million lived nearby, with 99 percent of the country’s population having the opportunity to witness a partial or total eclipse.

Numerous individuals flocked to the ‘path of totality’ to see the eclipse in its full glory.

Purported UFO video during solar eclipse 2024

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