Ukraine stops issuing passports abroad to military-aged men: government

Ukraine probes doctors for helping men dodge military draft
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Ukraine has stopped issuing new passports abroad to some military-aged men, according to legislation published on Wednesday, as part of measures to push them to return home amid manpower shortages in the army.

Men affected by the measure will not be able to receive passports from “foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine”, according to amended legislation published on the government website on Wednesday.

The exact scope and period of the measure remains unclear.

It was announced a day after the suspension of consular services for men aged 18 to 60 living abroad, until the new law on mobilisation is implemented.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry released a statement on Wednesday saying its own consular procedures “remain unchanged”.

This implies that military-aged men whose military details are up-to-date would still be able to get passports once the mobilisation law comes into effect.

Ukrainian men have been prohibited from leaving the country since the invasion began, apart from a few exceptions allowing men to legally cross the border.

Some fled illegally — while others who lived abroad prior to 2022 did not return when the war began.

But Kyiv’s forces have been struggling on the battlefield, partly due to manpower shortages.

And many soldiers have been fighting with little or no break since February 2022.

This forced the government to adopt new measures to crack down on draft dodgers and encourage conscription, despite some delays and criticism.


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