Upcoming mobile gaming releases to elevate the genre further in 2023

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In most parts of the world, societal changes are occurring. For example, people are becoming heavily reliant on some form of technology. One device that we needy humans have become particularly obsessed with is the modern-day smartphone that can perform so many functionalities for us in 2023, including gaming. In terms of the gaming opportunities on mobile, they have never been so diverse, and the year ahead promises a selection of new and improved games that will surely elevate the genre even further.

Of course, mobile gaming doesn’t suffice for everyone, but it’s impossible to ignore the impact it’s now having on the overall gaming landscape. In case you need further convincing of the growth smartphone gaming is illustrating, perhaps SensorTower’s research will help, with the company finding that 71% of Google Play’s revenue is estimated to come from mobile games by 2025, coupled with findings that suggest player spend will reach a staggering $138 billion by 2025, too. These big numbers aren’t alone either, with a wave of statistics highlighting the impression mobile gaming is making on the modern world.

Mobile gaming’s rise up the gaming standings shouldn’t come as a surprise given the continued innovation in the space either. With our smartphones now capable of handling a wave of games, it was probably inevitable that society would soon uncover the delights of mobile gaming. The sheer amount of products that are dominating the category today is impressive also, with people able to sample a mystical game like Elven Gold, a popular casino slot with an array of traditional symbols to enjoy as players hunt for Elven treasure. There are also popular social deduction games where gamers have to find the killer in the pack, such as Among Us, alongside augmented reality hits like Pokemon Go, and free-to-play battle royale masterpieces that have successfully transitioned over to mobile, like PUBG Mobile. The options are about to become even more extensive, though. With that in mind, let’s look at some upcoming releases that will surely elevate this growing category of gaming even further.

A selection of the most highly anticipated releases

One of the most appealing aspects of mobile gaming’s overall package is that there is something for everyone. When assessing the upcoming releases that the mobile gaming community’s getting excited about, the diverse nature of the games being mentioned is evidenced once again. For starters, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, a single-player RPG that will appeal to the dedicated community of Final Fantasy gamers is likely to be a huge hit. Then, Warzone Mobile, a shooter that will certainly appeal to mass audiences, is likely to top the download charts, too. For gamers who have sampled Pokemon Go’s augmented reality offering, Niantic’s latest product, Peridot, is expected to cause a similar storm. Another game to keep an eye on is Zenless Zone Zero, with the game’s developers, Hoyoverse, gaining a reputation for producing a selection of superb releases in recent years. While the release dates of the aforementioned titles aren’t clear yet, they’re definitely coming in 2023 at some point.

Some potentially great alternatives

Although the aforementioned titles are hogging most of the limelight, the array of games that typically come out on mobile every year means that there will surely be some great alternatives that could also record huge success. Some other notable releases include Monster Hunter Mobile, DC Heroes & Villains, Marvel World of Heroes, Star Wars Hunters, Honkai Star Rail, VALORANT Mobile, Racing Master, Path of Exile Mobile, Warcraft Arclight Rumble, Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade: , Cookie Run: OvenSmash, Rainbow Six Mobile, and Awaken: Astral Blade.

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