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Video: F-35 Jet Crashes In Imperial County, California

Video F-35B jet crash Imperial County California

A viral video has emerged online showing the F-35 B stealth fighter jet crashing in the Imperial County, California. The F-35 B jet seems to have crashed after a mid-air collision with a KC-130J refueling tanker on Tuesday afternoon.

According to USNI News, A Marine Corps Lockheed Martin F-35 B stealth fighter jet crashed into the California desert, at around 4 p.m. PT Tuesday while attempting an aerial refueling mission with a Lockheed Martin KC-130J refueling tanker. The statement reads, “it was reported that an F-35 B made contact with a KC-130 J during an air-to-air refueling evolution, resulting in the crash of the F-35 B.”

The F-35 B fighter jet pilot was able to eject safely and reportedly the KC-130J refueling tanker was able to carry out a safe landing. The pilot of the F-35 jet is now being treated for his injuries.

Video of F-35 B jet crashing in Imperial County, California

USMC’s full and official statement on stealth fighter jet’s crash

At approximately 1600 it was reported that an F-35B made contact with a KC-130J during an air-to-air refueling evolution, resulting in the crash of the F-35 B. The pilot of the F-35 B ejected successfully and is currently being treated.

The KC-130J is on deck in the vicinity of Thermal Airport. All crew members of the KC-130J have been reported safe.

The official cause of the crash is currently under investigation. Updates will be provided as information becomes available.

KC-130J crash photo

The refueling tanker landed safely near a field, according to images posted on Twitter. Here’s one of the image:

KC-130J crash photo
Source: Breaking Aviation News & Videos / Twitter

Social media reacts to the crash

One user tweeted, “Where do you plan on crashing this time? The fields in Thermal, CA are kinda full of KC-130 parts at the moment. Might wanna pick somewhere other than there.”

Another user is happy to know that pilot is alive, “A #USMC F35-B fighter jet collided with a KC-130 refueling tanker, and boy oh boy are they lucky to all be alive. $LMT”

One more Twitter user praises the skills of the pilit, “Unbelievable flying skills to land the KC-130J in a field, having lost 2 engines and losing a lot of fuel.”

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